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[WPC Services] WPC WebMaster Service offerings & feature updates
« on: Wed Oct 26, 2016 - 08:47:24 »
I don't push the services I offer much, but recent developments warrant that I change up my attitude about throwing up and sharing the available offerings that I have set up in the paid services menu area of the site... which of course, is only displayed AFTER you register an account here!!

  • Keep in mind that I specialize in the SMF© platform of social networking site software and the myriad of third party modules that modify the system to suite any type of business or interest functionality.
  • The $50 per month Webmaster service is designed for members with existing SMF powered sites, or if you already have a domain & hosting account. I monitor and maintain a stable install of the latest stable version of the core software and make recommendations on any number of third party modules that the site owner may wish to incorporate on his/her site.
  • The Charter Membership is designed for the average visitor who is inspired by something they see here at WPC and they feel compelled to help foster growth of the system. Available by the month or a one-time lifetime subscription.
  • If you want for us to set up a totally new SMF site for you AND want us to host it for you, we can do that for $50 a month which includes install, full support, and maintenance monitoring by my staff.
  • For quite some time previously I was running the beta version of the core software, I am delighted to say that changing back to the stable release is refreshing because all the functions available here seem to work beautifully as far as I can tell, no complaints from users about something that doesn't work and there are very few errors popping up in the system error log, yay!!!
  • There is an advertising subscription available, your ad will be interspersed at random between the various areas of the site where you already see advertising, except of course in the case of being in a membergroup here that does not display advertising, but I can intice you by saying that most normal visitors and guests will see at least one of your ads eventually, depends on a couple factors, many users nowadays have a ad blocking app installed on there browser, and of course it also depends on how long the visitor explores our site.
  • It should also be noted that the core operating principles and function of SMF© powered sites revolves around Social Networking on a merit based philosophy of give/take message contributions of members, which you will soon discover is a bit different looking than the big monopolies Facebook, Twitter, and Google control, but rest assured that anything you can do there you can also find here, with a lot less restrictions too, test things for yourself and judge for yourself, if you need help I am only a few clicks away, normally responding within 24 hours at the outside.

PayPal© "BuyMe" feature update: Many of you may wonder what that BuyMe a Drink thingy in your profile settings is (refer to the small coffee cup icon on my profile and posts and in the memberlist), there are three items in your profile settings which are not labeled very well and have something to do with PayPal, yes, the option right above the one where you enter your PayPal username and the checkbox right below that are all tied to a handy little module that allows other users to send you PayPal money, it was originally designed as kind of a humorous quicky module where others could get money instead of paying all the PayPal stuff to the site owner only... well as it turns out it comes in very handy for completing financial transactions for paying for items you buy from other members or being paid for winning contests and other promotional type transactions too, although the suggested amount when selected is a small token amount, when it whisks you out to the PayPal site to verify the transaction it will optionally allow you to send any amount of money to the recipient... the only restriction I have here is that it not be used for anything illegal like gambling amongst yourselves or other illegal operations, if I catch anyone doing that its grounds for permanent banishment.


Linkback: https://web-presence-consulting.com/wpc-webmaster-services-resource-development-announcements-forum-knoxville-tn/17/wpc-webmaster-service-offerings-feature-updates/237172/
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Re: My WebMaster Service offerings & feature updates
« Reply #1 on: Sat Feb 18, 2017 - 05:03:36 »
There is also a way for you to make extra cash here coming soon, the Webmaster Resources section of your Added Features menu, I will keep you posted about the timeline of launching a way for you to cash in the credits you have accumulated in your Shop "Pocket" as it develops. Any module that deals with the "credit" system developed here will be of importance after this feature is launched... "could be" quite lucrative for those that make an effort to contribute something positive to the WPC community...