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[WPConsulting News or Q&A] Press Release - My First Book
« on: Tue Mar 06, 2018 - 14:28:27 »
Reaching 60 years old and being diagnosed with cancer forces one to think... I've decided to take a stab at writing my memoirs... the forward is here and the book will be set up so that those interested will be able to download the latest additions as it will be an ongoing development process... the only restriction is that access will only be for paying customers.

This is the link to get you to the book, but if you AREN'T A PAYING CUSTOMER you'll either get an error msg or it will take you to the home page.

   Where to begin… This is a series of short stories to describe with as much detail as this old fella’s failing memory can muster, the journey of a boy that came to this world looking at every waking moment with the eyes of earnest eagerness to experience a life filled with the love of adventure, challenge, and exploration met head on without fear of failure. It will reveal a sinner’s interpretation of the divine plan of personal salvation put in place on my behalf who-knows-when by who-knows-how-many previous lifetimes in agreement with the Creator of the Universe. It took 60 years in this lifetime, but has resulted in my ability to, --FINALLY-- be able to HAPPILY and PERMANENTLY acknowledge the day I formally asked Christ to accept me as a member of His kingdom in 1976.  The short version of that story is that there was a palpable, physical, continuously increasing wave of emotional joy & relief sweeping through not just me personally but all the people who were present to witness my response, which was simply described as uncontrollable weeping and a joyous flood of tears. Obviously there will be many people who are mentioned in this book and know me extremely well that will be uncomfortable with the words written here. When I made the decision to do this it was not intended to pass judgment on anyone and was fully intentioned to be a way for me to describe the internal civil war each and every soul on the planet goes through in the attempt to determine their own purpose for being here. I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide my words in such a way that even those close to me personally will see these stories as the truth of just how firm the powers of darkness and evil have gripped all of us at various steps in our journey seeking truth and light. This book is not a last ditch attempt for self exaltation, or to draw attention to myself. But the truth is many of the real life experiences I’ve gained in 60 years just might help large sections of the population indentify with and see that no matter how hard things get, THERE IS A WAY BACK to a happy life through Christ Jesus.

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Re: Press Release - My First Book
« Reply #1 on: Wed Mar 14, 2018 - 13:40:50 »
UPDATE: current word count: 3470 & the page count is: 11

I'm going to start posting various sections of the book occasionally as the book progresses to sort of give yall an idea of the sort of things that are in it as we go... as stated previously, this will be a project-in-development and may never be totally finished before I kick the bucket, grin...

Overnight stay in hospital, God’s cool sense of humor …
   After my last job ended, there was quite a lot of free time available for me to spend    nearly all my waking hours surfing the web and doing my thing with my website. And for the    most part that is my daily routine. I find myself pulling marathon all-night sessions on the    system rarely elsewhere unless I take the dog walking or making short trips running errands and    such. But I also love working and seem to be quite a bit more productive and creative during the    wee hours. But after several years it’s obvious it is causing health problems, especially when    you’re diet is largely liquid. It finally got to a point that I one day woke up and found myself in a    hospital bed and had no clue what had happened over the previous several hours and was    highly agitated. Soon as the nurses realized I was awake they were reluctant to answer my    questions because I wasn’t very friendly at first. Truly upset because I soon discovered it wasn’t    the normal ward for a typical ER visit, I wasn’t allowed to leave the room.  Finally there was one    that came by after the morning shift change that changed my whole attitude after I found out    that she is a former Marine too. It soon became obvious to me that she was a really experienced    RN with a great bedside manner and actually quite attractive as well, so I sort of flirted a bit and    she played right along too (grin). Finally after a while they did a chest xray followed by the main    doctor on my case stopping by to chat about the tests and such they did while I was    unconscious. He informed me that apparently I was consuming far too much coffee and other    liquids that created a highly unbalanced level of potassium & knocked my immune system out of    whack. They wanted to give me another bag of electrolytes via IV and would most likely release    me later that evening. So my cute little African American “girlfriend” stopped by briefly a couple    more times messing with my mind a bit. We exchanged a few tall tales about our military    background and I got just a bit upset because I found out she was happily married…
   Well where it gets hilarious is that somewhere during the afternoon I    took a short    little power nap but it was such deep level of sleep that when I woke up it took me quite a    while    to get my head un-fogged. But if I recall this correctly while I was in that deep sleep the    Lord made a little suggestive message come to mind that this nurse was truly in love with me    and wanted to run away with me, it threw my mind into a bit of a depressed state because of    my fore-knowledge that she was already married, then suddenly I could swear there was a very    faint whisper from somewhere that made me aware that He was playing a little joke with me    about this nurse and to lighten up a bit. I was so shocked that it was Him and found it so damn    funny that I stood there and broke out into extremely loud and uncontrollable laughter and it    continued until I actually couldn’t stand any longer, dropped down on my hands and knees for a    bit, THEN rolled all the way over flat on my back and carried on for at least a minute or so,    maybe    longer!! Naturally it had the nurses coming by the door and into the room and a couple    of them asking me what in the world could be so funny, but when it finally eased up    enough    where I could actually respond in a normal tone I knew I better just tell them    that the Lord    has really warped sense of humor. If I had actually went into detail about the    actual dream    the dudes with white coats might come and escort me to a padded room for a while. [2]

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