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[WPConsulting News or Q&A] Press Release - My First Book
« on: Tue Mar 06, 2018 - 14:28:27 »
Reaching 60 years old and being diagnosed with cancer forces one to think... I've decided to take a stab at writing my memoirs... the forward is here and the book will be set up so that those interested will be able to download the latest additions as it will be an ongoing development process... the only restriction is that access will only be for paying customers.

This is the link to get you to the book, but if you AREN'T A PAYING CUSTOMER you'll either get an error msg or it will take you to the home page.

========      Foreword      ========
   Where to begin… This is a series of short stories to describe with as much detail as possible, the memory of events in the journey of a boy that came to this world looking at every waking moment with the eyes of earnest eagerness to experience a life filled with the love of adventure, challenge, and exploration that I feel is hereditary from my Dad’s bloodline. It will reveal a sinner’s interpretation of the divine plan of personal salvation put in place on my behalf who-knows-when by who-knows-how-many previous lifetimes in agreement with the Creator of the Universe. It took 60 years in this lifetime, but has resulted in my ability to, --FINALLY-- be able to HAPPILY and PERMANENTLY acknowledge the day I formally asked Christ to accept me as a member of His kingdom in 1976.  The short version of that story is that there was a palpable, physical, continuously increasing wave of emotional joy & relief sweeping through not just me personally but all the people who were present to witness my response, which was simply described as uncontrollable weeping and a joyous flood of tears. Obviously there will be many people who are mentioned in this book and know me extremely well that will be uncomfortable with the words written here. When I made the decision to do this it was not intended to pass judgment on anyone and was fully intentioned to be a way for me to describe the internal civil war each and every soul on the planet goes through in the attempt to determine their own purpose for being here. I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide my words in such a way that even those close to me personally will see these stories as the truth of just how firm the powers of darkness and evil have gripped all of us at various steps in our journey seeking truth and light. This book is not a last ditch attempt for self exaltation, or to draw attention to myself. But the truth is many of the real life experiences I’ve gained in 60 years just might help large sections of the population indentify with and see that no matter how hard things get, THERE IS A WAY BACK to a happy life through Christ Jesus. [1]

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Re: Press Release - My First Book
« Reply #1 on: Wed Mar 14, 2018 - 13:40:50 »
UPDATE: current word count: 4000 & the page count is: 12

I'm going to start posting various sections of the book occasionally as the book progresses to sort of give yall an idea of the sort of things that are in it as we go... as stated previously, this will be a project-in-development and may never be totally finished before I kick the bucket, grin...

Sgt. Walter Carl Perry [Dec 17, 1959 – Oct 28, 1993] …
   Growing up Carl and I weren’t all that close until we started high school. Around that time we discovered that we loved playing Frisbee together. After school and weather permitting, we would play until dark trying to out-do each other with various trick catches. We both loved hanging out at the local pool hall which had about 10-12 tables owned and operated by this cranky old    dude who always reminded me of those old movies telling the stories of small Midwest towns during the days of Al Capone and speakeasy’s. We often worked together during the spring-summer school breaks on several different types of farm related companies and local farming operations. My parents started indoctrinating us months before entering high school that each of us boys would work during the school break to earn our own money to pay for any new clothes or supplies necessary for the next school year. Noting that the fashion of the day during that time period was you weren’t one of the cool kids if you didn’t wear skin tight elephant bell bottom blue jeans. There’s one summer job we both worked at that I’ll never forget, we spent about 2 weeks working on an egg production facility. Every day when we got home, my Mom made us shed every stitch of clothes and put them in the washer immediately. If you’ve never seen one of these facilities, it’s hard to visualize the scope of repugnant odors and filth encountered. Basically these are simple corrugated steel “pole-barn” like buildings approximately two stories high and about ¾ mile in length. Except for a small section at the front where the eggs are gathered and stored for shipping, the remainder of the building is completely open space with dirt floors except for an elevated layer of wire mesh cages that ran the entire length of the building. These cages had a slightly sloping floor so the eggs would roll toward the small conveyor belt running between two rows of cages. And on the other side of the cage would be the automated system for delivering them food and water. Every spring they would sell the chickens to soup companies and replace them with fresh laying hens. They would also clean out the lower part of the building and spread the previous year’s buildup of urine and feces over the local farmers’ fields. For the most part our bread and butter summer jobs consisted mainly of baling hay or walking the fields of soy beans or corn chopping out the weeds with a hoe. For you city folk, it was common for these fields to    be a mile in length. My favorite part was lunch break, the farmers’ wives would see to it we    were fed well. And the really well paying ones would feed us breakfast as well because it was best to start just after sunrise and they knew most of us didn’t have time to get breakfast at    home. He and I were both athletes in high school as well, he was on the swim team as a diver   and I spent the first two years in wrestling and track. I had no clue he was going to do this, but he followed me into the U.S. Marines after he finished high school. And actually passed me in rank achieved too, he made E5 and my highest was E4. We both got stationed at the same location for a time and that’s when I learned how to play pool. My little brother was a pool playin’ fool, it rubbed off on me after I read somewhere that billiards was a great physical example of geometry. [3]

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