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[Feedback] Something very important I want you to know about this feed... please read

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After reviewing many of the posts being imported by the feed that posts in this particular board/forum, I have reached the conclusion that I may have to stop it altogether, but not for a while yet. It is my opinion that a great deal of the posts being imported here are misleading and propaganda being spread by the global elite who seek to spread fear and untruths to distract the population and dumb us down about the truth and factual sciences. Although CBS (the source of these posts) is my favorite of the major television networks, it is still mainstream media which is being manipulated by whomever...

I may catch a lot of flack about this but it doesn't matter to me at this point in my life... my goal here is to make you THINK, not everything being reported as science fact here is indeed science fact, after many years as a computer scientist myself, with a background in mechanical engineering, I always thought that I was pretty smart. But from about 10 years ago or so I have been following a few researchers into what is now called alternative media and esoteric science topics, I have come to realize that what most people think of as science facts are being proven wrong and that mainstream science is being re-written and what we normally consider as the truth is a sham and the ones who should know better are attempting to (in some cases, unwittingly) lead us down a rabbit hole of half truths and false beliefs.

So, why do I post this now instead of just removing the feed and deleting all these posts? Well, it occurred to me that it may be a good thing to record what is being said today as an example of the shear audacity of what we have all been taught by the so-called experts in their respective fields. As a record to the future truth seekers who will be debunking much of this non-sense which seems to be nothing more than a method to prod you into following the link to their original source so they can make a few bucks on advertising as evidenced by the quality of the feed itself, which is a one or two short sentence blurb about the subject referenced in the title. Quality RSS feeds are VERY hard to come by these days, didn't use to be that way...

On a positive note it my belief that the general public is rapidly waking up to truth and the ones who want us to remain as we were are feeling the pressure so much that they become the bullies and thugs which they have vehemently reviled publicly for years, as evidenced by the current political turmoil engulfing everyone because of Trump's election...


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"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it." Elbert Hubbard

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