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[Humor] You like story pranks? You'll love this
« on: Fri Sep 05, 2014 - 00:28:14 »
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This is one of those stories that if done properly will likely get you a good hearted punch in the arm and is an excellent ice breaker for new relationships... one of those things that is kind of a long and drawn out thing to do if you really want to get whoever really good get your serious poker face on and get your fishing pole creative mind in gear to "reel them in", and whatever you do while telling whoever this story, act genuinely depressed or obviously bummed out about something...


  • (Your Dialogue after they ask you what's the trouble) "Oh well I got a damn traffic ticket on my way here man." It would really draw them in if you had an old ticket or a pink piece of paper folded up in your pocket  :D
  • (Expected victim(s) response) "For speeding?" or "Ouch! How much is that going to cost ya?"
  • (Your reply) "You won't believe this but it's not a speeding ticket, it's for hitting a cat!!"
  • (Victim(s) reply) "You're kidding? How so?
  • (Your reply) "Yes, and its going to be $500 out of my pocket too. And the cat is not even badly injured!!"
  • (Victim(s) reply) "Tell me, why would they fine you 500 for a cat? Explain..."
  • (Your response) "Well, I'm driving down a street with cars parked on each side so I'm not going very fast but this cat darts out in front of me before I had time to stop, there was a cat yelp and I stopped... the owner happened to be watching in horror"
  • (Possible Victim interruption here) Evaluate then continue with story, the next section is critical to the punch line.
  • (Very Important) "Naturally I get out of the car and the cat was laying down beside the car but was stunned not dead, and not afraid of me, so I examined him and the only visible injury was a broken tail. The owner was coming toward me and yelling that she was going to call the police. So I offer to pay for vet bill, this only enraged her more so she says she's calling the police and pulls out her cell phone. So I'm rapidly mulling things over in my head and while she's busy on the phone and we're waiting for the cops to arrive, I pick up a small stick, break it in half, take out a shoe lace from my left shoe, and put a splint on the cat's tail."
  • (Evaluate the victim(s) reaction, a long pause is not good but watch the body language and be as earnest as you can muster during a lie lol)continue...
  • (reel them in some more!!) "So after about ten or 15 minutes the cops arrive, a pair of them... one of them talks to her for a few minutes while I'm telling my side to the other officer... after they confer with each other for about ten minutes one of them hands me a citation and says I'm sorry sir but we must issue this citation you'll need to sign at the bottom line please?"
  • (A long pause here is good, try to elicit the victim's curiosity) Your next response is the punch line! Hopefully they will ask, "What the hell for?" or something similar almost immediately.

You'll have to private message (PM) me to get the exact wording of the 5 word punch line, this is a family site and this is an adult language joke!! sorry, and since this will get posted to my Facebook timeline, I promise eventually to respond with the punch line  O:-)


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Re: You like story pranks? You'll love this
« Reply #1 on: Thu Oct 20, 2016 - 22:26:37 »
@MRPIKE83 you might know the punch line to this, i learned this joke from your grandpa...