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The Knoxville Focus for March 16, 2020

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The Knoxville Focus for March 16, 2020

Neighborhood Conference canceled but nominees listed

By Mike Steely

Senior Writer


The annual Neighborhood Conference has been cancelled because of concerns over the spread of the COVID-19. The always well-attended event, scheduled for March 28, may or may not be rescheduled for later this year.

Debbie Sharp, Neighborhood Coordinator, shared information about the various nominees who would have been honored during the event.

The outstanding neighborhoods include Forest Heights Neighborhood Association, Historic Sutherland Heights Neighborhood, Oakwood-Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association, South Woodlawn Neighborhood Association and Wesley Neighbors/West Hills Community Association.

The winner of the Diana Conn Good Neighbor of the Year Award would have been named. Selection of that person and the nominees is based on service to their community.

Sharp told The Focus the nominees include Anne Crais of Wesley Neighbors, Kevin Jeske-Polyak of Soutside Waterfront Neighborhood Association, Jeff Johnson of Historic Fourth and Gill and Beaetta Prater of the Lee Williams Tenant's Association.

The Office of Neighborhoods huddled Friday to look at possibly rescheduling the event.


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The Knoxville Focus for March 16, 2020

Source: The Knoxville Focus for March 16, 2020