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[Gaming] Do you like to play Backgammon? New SMF© Module coming soon...

Bob Perry · 3125

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I have played backgammon before, or want to learn?

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Major Update

I have decided that I am going to design and build the game myself, I will still be seeking help and it'll be quite a while longer but the prospects for success far outweigh the length of my learning curve and finding the right people to assist... patience friends...must learn a new piece of software or two.


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"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it." Elbert Hubbard

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There was a setback that delayed progress, my project manager and I got scammed by the first developer we hired, but we're back on track now with a new developer and it may be another 2 months before we have something tangible to look at...

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 The name of the new module will be "WPC Acey Deucy©" and will be a two player board game based on the Hoyle standard game of backgammon, but this version will be a variation of the standard game with slightly different rules, Acey Deucey has been around a long time and is very popular in the military of all countries, which is where I learned the game myself, and after the military I taught many friends/family to play with a slight twist to Hoyle rules which provided my Dad and I with many hours of fun "chiding" each other over our so called propensity to mentally influence the outcome of rolling two dice lol ;)

All parties interested in becoming a beta testing site should register and shoot me a PM...
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Hiring completed, it'll be about 3 or 4 months getting here, but at least its moving forward now...
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Shortly after I find two expert PHP programmers, one local and one not local. We will begin debugging and beta testing a new module that should gain a large following... WPC© Acey Deucy. It will be a Hoyle Book of Games VARIATION of the classic Backgammon.

Linkback: https://web-presence-consulting.com/qanda-forum/41/seo/20449/
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