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The Most Horrific Gun Control Tragedy You’ll Ever Read...

Started by Bob Perry, Tue Feb 17, 2015 - 13:22:02

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Bob Perry

The Most Horrific Gun Control Tragedy You'll Ever Read...
Fellow Conservative,
It seems that every few weeks, we are shocked by just how low gun control regimes will stoop to control the citizenry and violate their rights.
But this might be the most heinous gun control tragedy I have ever encountered.
Gordon VanGilder is a 72-year old retired schoolteacher who loves history.
Specifically, Mr. VanGilder loves 18th Century history. He loves collecting maps, old currency... basically anything he can get his hands on from the time of the American founding.

The Most Horrific Gun Control Tragedy You’ll Ever Read...

That included an 18th Century flintlock pistol (like the one pictured above).
Now, unlike modern weapons that use metallic self-contained ammunition, this old pistol is a black powder gun. A shooter would be lucky to fire off two shots in a minute and unlike modern rifled gun barrels, this flintlock has what is known as a "smooth bore." This means that the musket ball leaving the pistol can spin in any direction, making it extremely inaccurate.
And most importantly, under Federal law, this old gun isn't even legally a firearm.  That's right. There are no federal laws regulating its ownership. That means that as far as Federal law is concerned, it can be bought and sold without a background check.
But not in New Jersey... Like so many other gun control regimes, the law treats this flintlock pistol the same as any modern firearm. And when Gordon VanGilder was pulled over and the police found the gun in his car, he might as well have been carrying a loaded .44 Magnum revolver as far as the law is concerned.
Now, this 72 year-old history buff is facing TEN YEARS in prison. Is this justice? Is this what the founding fathers meant when they wrote the phrase "shall not be infringed" into the Constitution?
This is unreal! Demand that Congress intervene and stop these gun control states from ruining innocent people's lives!
This man poses absolutely no threat to anyone. This gun poses no threat to anyone. In order to reload it, you need to physically unscrew the barrel.
New Jersey might have a violent crime problem, but flintlock pistols should be the last of the state's worries.
But instead of letting this 72 year-old man off the hook with a warning, the police and prosecutors have thrown the book at him.
Here's what's truly despicable. When a real criminal is caught illegally carrying a loaded gun, he or she usually pleads down to a lesser charge that doesn't even include much jail time.
But for Gordon VanGilder, he is facing a MINIMUM of three years in prison. The law says that if convicted, he has to go to prison. No room for leniency.
Meanwhile, the real criminals walk free. I remember my father telling me stories growing up of how dangerous parts of New Jersey were. Gangs would deliberately light buildings on fire and then shoot at the firemen who arrive to put it out.
It doesn't get more evil than this. But while these criminals are free to walk the streets and prey on the innocent, the State is going after this 72 year-old retired teacher for possessing a 250 year-old firearm!
This isn't just happening in New Jersey. It is happening all across the country as states and municipalities continue to infringe on citizens' Second Amendment rights!
The question is what are you going to do about it? What are we all going to do about it?
It isn't enough to just ignore these gun control regimes and say it doesn't affect us. Sooner or later, these anti-gun regimes will start exporting their gun control laws across the country.
Look at what happened in Colorado a few years ago. Michael Bloomberg came in and got the legislature to pass draconian gun control laws.
The way to defeat this is to fight it there before it can spread here.
That is why it is so important for you to raise hell and DEMAND that Congress get involved. Gordon VanGilder's plight perfectly exemplifies how insane these states' gun control measures are.
Remember Shaneen Allen? She was the single mother who was arrested for accidentally carrying a gun into New Jersey. The national outcry her case generated ultimately got the prosecutor to drop the case.
We need to do that again! Demand that Congress intervene and stop states like New Jersey from ruining innocent citizens' lives!
Max McGuire
Conservative Daily


Best Regards,
Bob Perry

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