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Remove term limits for the Presidency? What do you think? (Poll)

Started by Bob Perry, Fri Apr 26, 2019 - 00:50:11

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Remove term limits on the Presidency?

Bob Perry

Remove term limits for the Presidency? What do you think? (Poll)
Attention all Knoxville veterans and those who care... I would like to start a grassroots movement to remove term limits on the presidency... anyone with cajones with me??

FYI GUESTS are allowed to vote as well...

And if you would like to contribute monetarily to support this, click the coffee cup over to left side of the screen and buy me a cup of coffee lol... noting that once it whisks you off to the PayPal© website, it should allow you to change the "token" amount suggested...

Best Regards,
Bob Perry

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Bob Perry

IMO it's quite unfair to have imposed this limit in the first place, basically we handed career politicians a free license to unravel the checks and balances that the founding fathers started, and make a ton of money doing so... there's been a lot of chatter over the last several administrations about imposing term limits on the congress as well... if we do this, would it not be a logical next step to also go for the supreme court too? In my mind it makes more logical, logistical, and economical sense to remove one than to expand government even more by the need to hire dedicated staff to track and record limits on senate and house members too, in essence, hundreds more limits instead of just the one... of which none of these were part of the original plan!!! The original plan was that the ballot box would determine term limits, yes?

Bob Perry

That's what I thought, a society full of people with no cajones...