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[Fund Raising??] Invitation to local NON-Profit Org's... #Knoxville
« on: Mon Feb 18, 2013 - 22:13:37 »
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I'm kinda curious to see which members of the local non-profit organizations (that I've already had dealings with) are paying attention to social marketing on the web? I'm going to award all kinds of free advertising and good "karma" to anybody from a local non-profit org who remembers me and posts here... I'll go as far as to say that you may be surprised at how fast others will follow suit and respond to any fund raising efforts you may have in progress or launch at some future date (AND keep in mind that Google loves my Calendar feature & any messages you post here can be linked to Home->Calendar menu option date)  :-[

You might also note that recent SEO improvements to our community here at Web Presence Consulting forums are responsible for a drastic increase in LOCAL traffic and system activity... due to the Global nature of this site, the possibility of going "viral" with your plea is more plausible as each day passes...

OOPs, almost forgot to mention the PayPal feature available here as well... PM me or get my attention in the Chat feature to ask questions about that... we also have very effective anti-spam strategies in place here, I have been working with that aspect of this software platform for a very long time and spammer/scammer wannebe's do not get past me, it's pointless to even try !!

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