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"Be not simply good -- be good for something." Henry Thoreau


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[Gaming] Looking for ambitious aspiring game designer UT #Knoxville student intern...

Bob Perry · 2185

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Offline Bob Perry

Chess at WPC

Hello all,

I have been away from an ongoing project to develop a new online game module that is specifically designed for SMF powered websites. After about six years of frustration I am looking to get back into bringing my dream project to fruition. I am so convinced that it will be a huge money making venture that I am willing to give shares of future revenue to a few coders who can help me build it. You will need to be familiar with, or willing to learn about web coding in the PHP language, I can show you how we use it in relation to MySQL databases. We even have a working model of a different game that I want to adapt to function exactly the same way in my new game... it's the Chess Game module located in the gaming menu here at WPC... If you click the image above it's a link that takes you directly to the chess game here, I have actually started adapting it for my new game at the test site but changing the way the board looks and is laid out has proven to be a problem. You will find other threads which describe the project if you use the search button and use the phrase "acey deucy", you can find a rudimentary description of the new game at this message link: https://web-presence-consulting.com/index.php/topic,20449.0

If you are local to #Knoxville TN and looking to jump start your game design career with the possibility of significant future funding, respond here soon, the local bus lines go right by my house, I will PM you with directions and we will begin by you learning how to play the game I want to design from the physical world viewpoint...

I feel like my mentoring a student with the variety of experiences and insight learned during my professional career (spanning 25+ years) would be highly beneficial for any student looking forward to a successful and fulfilling career in game design... the great thing about SMF© powered sites is that it is a free Open Source platform that we are free to modify any way that suits us, well, within the bounds of sound SMF practices and standards. If you are interested in how serious I am about the kind of standards I am use to... download my resume which is available (after you register an account here and make a couple posts) in the appropriate sub board of our job listing forums...


Linkback: https://web-presence-consulting.com/knoxville-tn-job-listings-forum/13/looking-for-ambitious-aspiring-game-designer-ut-knoxville-student-intern/260882/
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Best Regards,
Bob Perry

"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it." Elbert Hubbard

Offline Bob Perry


And by the way, I'm a very good chess player, let's chat about the project while we play...

Also, if you are indeed interested, know that I am a heavy cigarette & cigar smoker and if that bothers you it may be a deal stopper so consider whether you want to be around it or not before responding...
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Offline Jen69

Good luck with that @Bob Perry, kids these days have no clue what they'll do IF they graduate, let alone when (grimace)


Offline Bob Perry

Update: There has been heavy construction in my neighborhood last year or two, so the bus line no longer goes past my house, but after the construction is completed I would think they'd change it back... but also in the meantime, the nearest stop is only a block away.

Additional tidbit of info... I also recently acquired a IBM© iSeries mini-computer/server, which I will be happy to show you a "real" business grade system and tutor you in that type of system, which is a totally different critter from what you youngins' are familiar with indeed!!



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