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  • "Doubt whom you will, but never yourself." Christian Boyee
  • "Every human being is intended to have a character of his own; to be what no other is, and to do what no other can do." William Channing
  • "No one can give you better advice than yourself." Cicero
  • "And only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live in every experience, painful or joyous; to live in gratitude for every moment, to live abundantly." Dorothy Thompson
  • "What you can become, you are already." Friedrich Hebbel
  • "One who fears limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again." Henry Ford
  • "Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants." Epicurus
  • "God gives every bird his food, but He does not throw it into the nest." Josiah Gilbert Holland
  • "What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you." Seneca
  • "No man can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with himself." James Russell Lowell
  • "It is foolish to tear one's hair in grief as though sorrow would be made less by baldness." Cicero
  • "Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." Oliver Goldsmith
  • "Unless you find some sort of loyalty, you cannot find unity and peace in your active living." Josiah Royce
  • "Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you do hold well." Josh Billings
  • "The only competition worthy of a wise man is with himself." Washington Allston
  • "We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse." Rudyard Kipling
  • "Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise." Proverbs 17:28
  • "Hit the ball over the fence and you can take your time going around the bases." John W. Raper
  • "One of the rarest things that man ever does is to do the best he can." Josh Billings
  • "The optimist is the kind of person who believes a housefly is looking for a way out." George Jean Nathan
  • "Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above it." Washington Irving
  • "Be not simply good -- be good for something." Henry Thoreau
  • "Life is not a having and a getting, but a being and a becoming." Matthew Arnold
  • "Put an end once and for all to this discussion of what a good man should be, and be one." Marcus Aurelius


"The optimist is the kind of person who believes a housefly is looking for a way out." George Jean Nathan


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 CareerBuilder...9 gifs that prove the struggle is real when you're in between jobs

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9 gifs that prove the struggle is real when you're in between jobs

You know what it's like when you're in between jobs — it's like you have to go back to living the life of a student again: It's like being back in college, but with a lot less partying and a lot more looking for jobs and updating your resume. Fortunately, we've all been there at one time or another and can sympathize, so you're not alone in this journey. For now, take some time to enjoy these nine gifs of instances where the struggle is real…

1. When you have to scramble to save every last penny to get you through the month…

2. When someone at a party asks where you work…

3. When you're just sitting there on the couch refreshing your browser to see if any new job offerings became available…

4. When you're out with friends and they're ordering steaks and lobster, but you have to order a salad to stay on budget…

5. When you spend all night looking for jobs and you don't even meet the minimum requirements…

6. When you try to live in a bubble because you can't afford to get sick without health insurance…

7. When you have an interview with an entire team of people for a job you want…

8. When you have to think twice about everything you post to social media because potential employers may be looking…

9. When you find yourself spending a good deal of time in solitude plotting your next career move…

Tweet at @CareerBuilder: What are your biggest struggles when you're in between jobs? What can we help you with?

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