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Military News...Lawmakers Back $400 Million for Possible A-10 FeedRSS Bot0183
IBM to Hire 2,000 U.S. Veterans into New Collar Technology CareersIBM© News ForumRSS Bot0255
Uploaded File:stigr9GraphicsMRPIKE830169
Navy nixes plan to rename all positions with ‘man’ in their titleGlenn BeckRSS Bot0148
Watch: Dying Marine veteran gives Donald Trump, Mike Pence ‘final salute’ on his deathbedGlenn BeckRSS Bot0221
U.S. military considers allowing pot users to enlistGlenn BeckRSS Bot0232
RallyPoint...Homeless Women Veterans: The Overlooked StatisticRallyPoint Blog FeedRSS Bot0277
RallyPoint...A Boomer’s Perspective on Millennials in the MilitaryRallyPoint Blog FeedRSS Bot0210
RallyPoint...Tiger Comp XIII 2015: A visit to the new Marine CorpsRallyPoint Blog FeedRSS Bot0246
Be Physically ActiveFamily Support ForumRSS Bot0189
RallyPoint... Your Business Needs VeteransRallyPoint Blog FeedRSSbot0493
New drone tests... impressiveWPC Military - Veterans News Forumsbperry9210610
RallyPoint... Military “Appreciation”RallyPoint Blog FeedRSSbot0555
USOtopic... Photos Through the Decades: Celebrating the USO’s 74th BirthdayUSO FeedRSSbot0625
Ask a Sergeant Major...WPC Politics Forumbperry9210645
Hey brothers, Semper Fi...Issues/Boasting ForumWCFritos22265
Project Camelot... LINK TO GORDON DUFF RE ET DISCLOSUREPosts and comments from and about Project Camelotbperry9210600
How many of you are "Shellbacks"?? Read on...WPC Military - Veterans News Forumsbperry92111416
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