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Guest Viewing the topic CBSvideo...California wildfires burn more than 80,000 acres.
Guest Viewing the topic McCain and Feinstein have a surprising reaction to Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ threat.
Guest Viewing the topic CBSvideo...Roy Moore's accuser: "Quit being willingly ignorant".
Guest Viewing the topic CBSvideo...Eagles, Super Bowl LII champs, to get victory parade Thursday.
Guest Viewing the topic Should Trump ‘take out’ Kim Jong Un? Here’s what one pastor with direct access to the president says.
Baidu Viewing the topic CBSvideo...The remarkable legacy of Leonard Bernstein.
Guest Viewing the topic CBSvideo...Mueller subpoenas Trump Organization on same day U.S. sanctions Russians.
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Guest Viewing the topic MyHealthyVet... VA provides service dog benefits to Veterans with mental health disorders.
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Baidu Viewing the topic NASAearth...Puerto Rico Landscape Ravaged by Hurricane Maria.
Guest Viewing the topic Watch: Constitutional lawyer completely destroys liberal Trump ‘obstruction’ narrative live on MSNBC.
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Baidu Viewing the topic CBSvideo...Rep. Trey Gowdy urges Senate to be "fair to the witness" in Kavanaugh, Ford hearings.
Guest Viewing the topic Nasa News... NASA, USAID Open Environmental Information Hub for Southeast Asia.
Baidu Viewing the topic CBSvideo...Dr. Sanjay Gupta on how alcohol affects memory.
Baidu Viewing the topic Stephen Hawking issues dire warning: ‘Humans need to leave Earth’.
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Baidu Viewing the topic CBSvideo...Christine Blasey Ford's congresswoman: Ford "should be given the respect she deserves".
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Guest Viewing the topic CBSvideo...Why this man ran 160 miles across entire state of Michigan.
Guest Viewing the topic Nasa News... NASA Invites Media to Tour VIPR, Aeronautics Research Project.
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Guest Viewing the topic CBSvideo...Supreme Court signals it may uphold President Trump's travel ban.
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Guest Viewing the topic A self-driving shuttle launched in Las Vegas — it didn’t go well.
Guest Viewing the topic N-word spray-painted on Texas man’s home, SUV set on fire: ‘Why me?’.
Guest Viewing the topic CBSvideo...White House reportedly set to revoke more security clearances.
Guest Viewing the topic CBSvideo...Flu season reaches epidemic levels.
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Guest Viewing the topic Teenage girl allegedly brutally murdered by her Christian father for dating a jailed Muslim man.