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"What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you." Seneca

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"What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you." Seneca
Wed Feb 15, 2017 - 17:46:05 by alang | Views: 1344 | Comments: 1

I have owned several forums over the years. Of all the Webmaster and IT service providers Ive experienced I have received the best satisfaction from WPC. If you want the best no need to look any further, WPC comes highly recommended.
Bob Perry
Wed Feb 01, 2017 - 23:18:47 by Bob Perry
Views: 3004 | Comments: 3

Web Presence Consulting (#WPC)
Chess at WPC

Hello all,

I have been away from an ongoing project to develop a new online game module that is specifically designed for SMF powered websites. After about six years of frustration I am looking to get back into bringing my dream project to fruition. I am so convinced that it will be a huge money making venture that I am willing to give shares of future revenue to a few coders who can help me build it. You will need to be familiar with, or willing to learn about web coding in the PHP language, I can show you how we use it in relation to MySQL databases. We even have a working model of a different game that I want to adapt to function exactly the same way in my new game... it's the Chess Game module located in the gaming menu here at WPC... If you click the image above it's a link that takes you directly to the chess game here, I have actually started adapting it for my new game at the test site but changing the way the board looks and is laid out has proven to be a problem. You will find other threads which describe the project if you use the search button and use the phrase "acey deucy", you can find a rudimentary description of the new game at this message link: https://web-presence-consulting.com/index.php/topic,20449.0

If you are local to #Knoxville TN and looking to jump start your game design career with the possibility of significant future funding, respond here soon, the local bus lines go right by my house, I will PM you with directions and we will begin by you learning how to play the game I want to design from the physical world viewpoint...

I feel like my mentoring a student with the variety of experiences and insight learned during my professional career (spanning 25+ years) would be highly beneficial for any student looking forward to a successful and fulfilling career in game design... the great thing about SMF© powered sites is that it is a free Open Source platform that we are free to modify any way that suits us, well, within the bounds of sound SMF practices and standards. If you are interested in how serious I am about the kind of standards I am use to... download my resume which is available (after you register an account here and make a couple posts) in the appropriate sub board of our job listing forums...

Thu Jan 12, 2017 - 15:00:28 by RSS Bot
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5 sabotaging job interview mistakes – and how to avoid them


Great news! You've gotten an interview for that job you want, so the next step is to ace it and get closer to getting hired. You've done your homework, researching both the company and the hiring manager you're about to meet. You're prepared with intelligent questions and great examples of past accomplishments that prove you'd be a great fit for this position.

What could go wrong? According to a new https://cb.com/2jbk57O ">CareerBuilder survey, employers site these five instant deal breakers:

  1. Candidate is caught lying about something: 66 percent
  2. Candidate answers a cellphone or text during the interview: 64 percent
  3. Candidate appears arrogant or entitled: 59 percent
  4. Candidate dresses inappropriately: 49 percent
  5. Candidate appears to have a lack of accountability: 48 percent

Three tips to improve interview performance

Unfortunately, it's easy to make these mistakes without even realizing it — and many of them are more common than you might think. So how can you avoid making a potentially interview-ending blunder?

Be self-aware. If you find you were accidentally rude, then apologize calmly and genuinely. Then leave it behind you and get on with the rest of the interview. If you dwell on it, it will affect your performance.

Make a good first impression. Unfortunately, no matter how hard the interviewer tries, a lot of decisions are made in the first few minutes of contact. According to the CareerBuilder survey, around half of employers (51 percent) know within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a good fit for a position. If you make a strong first impression, the interviewer will be more inclined to overlook "imperfections" in your answers.

Be yourself. As you prepare for your session, are you planning to pretend to be someone you're not? Do you intend to exaggerate your accomplishments or, worse, say whatever you think the interviewer wants to hear? Stop right there. You'll win more points and make more allies if you present yourself as yourself

This year's 12 most outrageous job interview mistakes

Not all mistakes employers have seen in interviews are so common. In fact, some are downright wacky. As part of the CareerBuilder survey, employers and hiring managers recalled the following strange-but-true examples:

  • Candidate asked to step away to call his wife to ask her if the starting salary was enough before he agreed to continue with the interview.
  • Candidate asked where the nearest bar was located.
  • Candidate brought his childhood toys to the interview.
  • Candidate ate a pizza he brought with him (and didn't offer to share).
  • Candidate asked interviewer why her aura didn't like the candidate.
  • Candidate invited interviewer to dinner afterwards.
  • Candidate stated that if the interviewer wanted to get to heaven, she would hire him.
  • Candidate ate crumbs off the table.
  • Candidate said her hair was perfect when asked why she should become part of the team.
  • Candidate sang to a song on the radio playing overhead.
  • Candidate bragged about the fact that they were in the local newspaper for allegedly stealing a treadmill from an older woman's house.
  • Candidate put on and took off her sunglasses repeatedly.

Tweet at @CareerBuilder: What's the biggest interview mistake yo...

Bob Perry
Sun Jan 01, 2017 - 08:35:29 by Bob Perry
Views: 1547 | Comments: 0

There are several areas of the system here at WPC that incorporate what is known as "credits", several of the modules installed here use them heavily. And for the most part its much like what you may find on other systems like this and some sites that are not SMF powered... from memory I will list the areas here at WPC that rely on credits... The Shop module, Batlle RPG game, and the Downloads/Resources module...

  • The shop module is the main controlling module for the credit system, it has a Bank where you can draw/deposit credits & earn interest on the deposited amount, you can purchase various items in the Shop internal store, it also awards preset amounts of "free" credits & bonuses for posting in the message boards.
  • The Downloads module is the one that allowed me to monetize the credit system with real PayPal@ money and the current conversion rate is 1 credit = $0.00005 cents and that module charges you a preset amount for downloading items in which the charge is awarded to the user who uploaded the particular digital item.
  • In the Battle role playing game you use credits to purchase items such as health and attack/defense points which determine whether you live or die during the game and it also awards you a preset number of free credits just for playing the game.
  • Occasionally I will award a certain amount of credits to members who contribute useful information/items to the community.
  • Sometimes I will award credits to winners of various promotional programs or competitions we conduct here.

So as you can see, the credit system is sort of like having money but doesn't necessarily cost you real money (purchasing them with PayPal is entirely optional), it depends on your spending habits and participation in the community, explore it and give me some feedback, and since the minimum age required to be a member is 13 it gives youngsters some practice in how a true monetary environment works without necessarily twisting their arms to use real money to make purchases or earning their own way for that matter.

Tue Dec 27, 2016 - 19:00:27 by RSS Bot
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Looking for a new job in 2017? So are your coworkers

At the beginning of a new year, everyone's full of resolutions — to lose weight, to exercise, to be a better person. But what are your job hunting resolutions? According to a new CareerBuilder survey, more than one in five workers (22 percent) are planning to change jobs in 2017. Among younger workers, the numbers are even higher. More than a third of workers ages 18 to 34 (35 percent) expect to change jobs in 2017 — this compares to 15 percent of workers ages 35 and older.

Aside from finding a new job, the top New Year's resolutions workers say they're making for the office this year are:

  • Save more of my pay: 49 percent
  • Be less stressed: 38 percent
  • Get a raise or promotion: 30 percent
  • Eat healthier at work: 28 percent
  • Learn something new (take more courses, training, seminars): 26 percent

It's never a bad time to start moving your career in a better direction, and a new year is the perfect time to make a change. Here are five New Year's resolutions that can have a big payoff in 2017.

Expand your network: Contrary to popular belief, the best time to network isn't when you're looking for a job — it's long before then. Having a broad, diverse network already in place will make the future job search that much easier — plus, people tend to be happier to meet you when you aren't starting your conversation with "please help me get a job now."

Take on a new challenge: If you've been at it for a while, it can be easy to fall into a predictable pattern of routine and general complacency. Make the new year your time to shine, and step outside your comfort zone.

Get organized: It might sound cliché, but a little bit of organization goes a long way. Whether it's making a more concerted effort to keep track of deadlines and appointments or sorting through the endless files and folders on your desktop, instilling some order will help you keep on top of things.

Boost your skills and your role: Treat every workday like a school day. Be sure you learn something and use it to make yourself more productive. Occasionally think how you can go above and beyond. For example, are there projects outside your defined role you could help with? Be proactive; ask to join.

Keep your documents updated: Keeping your resume up to date is important for several reasons. For one, if a recruiter or a friend-of-a-friend calls out of the blue with a great job opportunity, you're going to want to have it ready to go. Plus, it's a lot easier to update your accomplishments periodically, when they're fresh in your mind, rather than trying to add in a couple of years of experience all at once.

Tweet at @CareerBuilder: What's your New Year's resolution for work this year?

Source: Looking for a new job in 2017? So are your coworkers
Bob Perry
Wed Dec 21, 2016 - 21:44:33 by Bob Perry
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My favorite song of all time...

Wed Dec 07, 2016 - 19:00:09 by RSS Bot
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Physical Therapist Career Spotlight


If you're looking for a career that allows you to make a positive difference in the lives of your patients, becoming a physical therapist might help you achieve that goal. You'll not only teach your clients how to perform exercises and to do their "homework," but you'll also serve as a source of motivation and courage. Many people who undergo physical therapy experience significant pain during their recovery periods, so they need support and encouragement to achieve their goals.

For more info on a physical therapist career, http://www.careerbuilder.com/insights/physical-therapist" target="_blank">check out these insights.

What is a physical therapist?

Many physical therapists assume the roles of cheerleader, personal trainer, and therapist all at once, which makes a physical therapist job description highly dynamic. Their work varies significantly from one client to another because each patient has different needs and abilities. Younger patients who lead healthy lives, for instance, might make fast progress in physical therapy. They get stronger faster because their muscles, bones, and joints respond more favorably to exercise. Meanwhile, older patients might take more time to benefit from therapy. Physical therapists work with clients of all ages, from infants to the elderly.What does a physical therapist do?


  • Meeting with patients to discuss their specific needs, medical histories, concerns, and problem areas.
  • Taking vital signs, such as blood pressure and respiration, to monitor clients' physical condition before, during, and after therapy sessions.
  • Reading physician orders to better understand a patient's specific needs and goals.
  • Preparing a patient plan of care to determine which exercises and movements will prove most beneficial and to decide how quickly to escalate therapy activities.
  • Manually stretching limbs to improve range of motion and flexibility.
  • Administering treatments such as whirlpool baths and ultrasound therapy to help clients recover.
  • Massaging affected body parts to promote circulation and healing.
  • Teaching patients to perform stretches and exercises with tools such as weights and resistance bands.
  • Testing range of motion and strength periodically throughout therapy to assess improvement.
  • Maintaining patient confidentiality.
  • Preventing further damage and injury by monitoring patient progress and form.
  • Creating detailed records of clients' progress and reporting back to the physician when necessary.
  • Advising clients about activities and exercises at home between sessions.
  • Designing exercise and treatment programs that help patients return to their previous levels of fitness.
  • Advising patients about proper treatment of wounds and injuries at home.
  • Evaluating the fit and function of prosthetic devices during movement.
  • Recommending follow-up care for patients in long-term therapy.
  • Communicating with nurses and physicians about progress and potential problems.
  • Discharging patients from therapy based on the achievement of goals or the lack of progress toward fitness.
  • Cleaning and maintaining therapy equipment and tools.
  • Training and managing aids and other support staff.

Work environment

Most physical therapists spend the day on their feet, moving from one client to another and ...

Bob Perry
Thu Nov 24, 2016 - 23:20:22 by Bob Perry
Views: 1191 | Comments: 0

I have an excellent internet connection and still get a code 500 error screen trying to access the system occasionally so I know many of you are getting some too... it's really just a temporary performance glitch and if you wait a few seconds and click the browser's refresh button it should clear up... will keep trying to improve performance but you must realize that I have an unusually large number of various modules installed but you ought to know that they don't seem to create many error log entries, this is the most stable version of the core SMF platform I've worked with, I'm tickled...

Mon Nov 21, 2016 - 15:00:46 by RSS Bot
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Zapruder was worried about "moral dimension" of JFK assassination film

Abraham Zapruder captured the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in horrific detail. Now, his granddaughter, Alexandra Zapruder, is sharing the story behind the lens in her book, "Twenty-Six Seconds." Alexandra tells CBS News' Jan Crawford why her grandfather worried about anti-Semitism after he shot the film, and the ramifications of Abraham accepting money for the footage.

Source: Zapruder was worried about "moral dimension" of JFK assassination film
Thu Nov 17, 2016 - 19:00:27 by RSS Bot
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Majority of employers background check employees ... Here's why


Ever wonder why companies often take so long in deciding which candidate to hire for a particular position? Consider this: According to a new https://cb.com/2fzUQdo ">CareerBuilder survey, 75 percent of employers said they have hired the wrong person for a position, and of those who had a bad hire affect their business in the last year, one bad hire costs them nearly $17,000 on average.

To prevent this, the majority of employers (72 percent) background check every new employee before they're hired. Those who do background check are analyzing these aspects:

  • Criminal background: 82 percent
  • Confirm employment: 62 percent
  • Confirm identity: 60 percent
  • Confirm education: 50 percent
  • Check for illegal drug use: 44 percent
  • Check licensing: 38 percent
  • Credit check: 29 percent

This means prospective employers have access to a treasure trove of personal information, online and offline, which may factor into their hiring decisions.

What does this mean for applicants?

Here are a few things you should know:

  • Unless the employer is asking for medical or genetic information, it's not illegal to ask you questions about your background, or to require a background check.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that a person cannot be denied employment based on a criminal record alone. Instead, the decision to hire or not must be based on a "business necessity," which requires the employer to consider: the nature and gravity of the offense or offenses; the time that has passed since the conviction and or completion of the sentence; the nature of the job held or sought.
  • Some states specifically prohibit the use of pre-employment credit checks unless the employer can prove its relevance to the job. Applicants turned down for a job on the basis of a credit check are entitled to a copy of the credit report used in the decision, in addition to an explanation of the right to challenge it.
  • If the employer thinks it might not hire or retain you because of something in the report, they must give you a copy of the report and a "notice of rights" that tells you how to contact the company that made the report. This gives you the opportunity to make sure you don't miss out on a job because of an error in the background report.
  • If there is something negative in your background, be prepared to explain it and why it shouldn't affect your ability to do the job.

Overall, a background check not only helps to protect the company, its employees, and customers, but also ensures that the prospective employee is who she says she is. Quality job seekers understand this need and comply. The key to dealing with background check challenges is to be proactive rather than allowing the background check to derail your efforts to land the job you want, or worse, to catch you off guard and completely unaware.

Ben Goldberg is the Chief Executive Officer of Aurico. Ben owned a payroll, HRIS and HR consulting company prior to joining the executive team at Aurico. He spent ten years in senior management with a Fortune 50 company expanding the international sales division. He holds an MBA from Colorado State University. He is FCRA certified through the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) and is a licensed private investigator.


Bob Perry
Thu Nov 17, 2016 - 03:03:27 by Bob Perry
Views: 2029 | Comments: 2

I have developed several custom additions to the default SMF Statistics screen over the years and if you peruse through the ones here at my site and one peaks your interest as something to add to your own site... by all means hit me up by responding here or PMing me directly...

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