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"What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you." Seneca
Wed Nov 16, 2016 - 13:00:17 by RSS Bot
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9 gifs that prove the struggle is real when you're in between jobs


You know what it's like when you're in between jobs — it's like you have to go back to living the life of a student again: It's like being back in college, but with a lot less partying and a lot more looking for jobs and updating your resume. Fortunately, we've all been there at one time or another and can sympathize, so you're not alone in this journey. For now, take some time to enjoy these nine gifs of instances where the struggle is real...

1. When you have to scramble to save every last penny to get you through the month...

https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2769.gif?1479244559">https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2769.gif?1479244559" data-media-id="2769">

http://mediaresources.idiva.com/media/content/2016/Apr/relationship_with_food_5idiva.gif">2. When someone at a party asks where you work...

https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2770.gif?1479244630">https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2770.gif?1479244630" data-media-id="2770">

https://griffithcareers.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/busines.gif?w=590">3. When you're just sitting there on the couch refreshing your browser to see if any new job offerings became available...

https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2773.gif?1479244807">https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2773.gif?1479244807" data-media-id="2773">

">4. When you're out with friends and they're ordering steaks and lobster, but you have to order a salad to stay on budget...

https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2771.gif?1479244676">https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2771.gif?1479244676" data-media-id="2771">

https://media.giphy.com/media/IGxEnacLwfnRC/giphy.gif">5. When you spend all night looking for jobs and you don't even meet the minimum requirements...

https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2772.gif?1479244714">https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2772.gif?1479244714" data-media-id="2772">

">6. When you try to live in a bubble because you can't afford to get sick without health insurance...

https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2774.gif?1479244873">https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2774.gif?1479244873" data-media-id="2774">

https://az616578.vo.msecnd.net/files/2016/03/07/6359291689446652801667945861_tumblr_inline_o17idgvkGd1rqfc4i_500.gif">7. When you have an interview with an entire team of people for a job you want...


Mon Nov 07, 2016 - 19:02:02 by RSS Bot
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4 top fields for operations management


   You know that you're interested in a career in operations management, but where should you work? You have nearly limitless opportunities, but some fields offer more potential than others. If you're looking for fresh possibilities, consider working in the hospitality, retail, or health care industries.

Hotel Operations Manager

   Hotels need operations managers to hire and train staff, manage housekeeping and food service workers, create schedules, and oversee customer service initiatives, among many other duties. Advancement opportunities abound in this career industry, especially if you work for one of the larger chains. For example, after proving yourself as an operations manager, you could http://www.culinary-careers.org/hotel-career-training.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">get promoted to headquarters management or a similar position.

   You'll love this career industry if you like to move around. Big hotel chains might find openings for you across the country, so you don't have to stay in one place forever. If you work well with people and have excellent customer service skills, you can thrive in this position while you gain experience for future promotions.

Restaurant Operations Manager

   The hospitality industry also includes restaurants, which always need operations managers to run the floor, oversee inventory, field customer complaints, and manage all aspects of the facility. You can choose a privately owned restaurant or get a job with one of the larger chains.

   You'll need http://www.besthospitalitydegrees.com/faq/what-does-a-restaurant-operations-manager-do/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">prior restaurant experience to thrive in this job. You must know how to do the jobs of multiple people on your staff, so if you've worked as a bartender, server, host or hostess, or cook, you'll have excellent qualifications. Additionally, a four-year degree in business administration or a related field can help you rise to the top of the management food chain.

Retail Operations Manager

   Operations managers often choose to work in retail because of the attractive advancement opportunities. You can work your way up to overseeing an entire district of stores if you want more responsibility, but you can earn an http://www.careerbuilder.com/insights/operations-manager" target="_blank" data-gtm="ar-cdp-link|operations-manager">excellent wage as an operations manager while you wait for a promotion.

   In retail settings, you need excellent http://advice.careerbuilder.com/posts/professional-people-person-7-tips-for-succeeding-in-a-customer-service-career" target="_blank">customer service skills. You'll likely deal with any customer complaints and praises, and you might have to work the floor if a sales associate doesn't show up on time or if you're short on staff and busy. Choose from many retail environments, from high-end boutiques to large-scale chains.

Health Care Operations Management

   Many professionals want their work to impact people in a positive way. As an operations manager in a health care environment, you'll constantly analyze existing operations so that you can find improvement...

Wed Nov 02, 2016 - 11:02:43 by RSS Bot
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The Many Types of Warehouse Jobs


   The warehouse can be a confusing place for someone who has never worked there or spent time at the company. There are several different roles from start to finish, each with its own level of pay, hours, and required skills. However, once you know the basic hierarchy of warehouse management, it becomes easier to identify which position various employees are in and what they do. Check out this guide to understand the inner workings of warehouse hierarchy.

General Factory Workers

   http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobs-general-warehouse-workers" target="_blank">General workers tend to be low-skilled positions that form the cogs of the machine and make all of the work happen. Whether they're receiving shipments and sorting materials, assembling the actual products, or running quality control before the finished packages go out the door, they're essential to the flow of the company.

   These employees tend to work part-time or in http://advice.careerbuilder.com/posts/3-tips-for-finding-the-perfect-holiday-job" target="_blank">shift work during peak seasonal hours. Some warehouses operate 24/7 during peak seasons, which means employees can earn extra money if they're assigned night and weekend shifts. The peak season also sees a lift in seasonal workers, with more than http://www.manufacturing.net/data-focus/2016/09/report-seasonal-hiring-remain-flat-warehouse-jobs-increase" target="_blank">200,000 seasonal positions created in 2015 for distribution alone.

https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2754.jpg?1478091654">Web Presence Consulting (#WPC)https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2754.jpg?1478091654" data-media-id="2754">

Skilled Factory Workers

General workers who show promise or commitment to the company might work with
   http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobs-skilled-factory-workers" target="_blank">skilled workers or get trained to take on the position themselves. While these employees work on shifts like the general workers, they get paid more because they offer something that other employees can't. These workers include http://www.careerbuilder.com/insights/machinist" target="_blank" data-gtm="ar-cdp-link|machinist">machinists and engineers who fix the machinery when it breaks, forklift operators who move items across the floor, and drivers who ship the items to and from the warehouse.

Operations Management

   The goal of the
   http://www.careerbuilder.com/insights/operations-manager" target="_blank" data-gtm="ar-cdp-link|operations-manager">operations management team is to continuously improve the process. They might evaluate the benefits of new technology or implement new systems that make the process faster or more cost effective. When they're not making improvements, they're known as the problem solvers: identifying parts of production that are broken or slowing the rest of the team down.

   Not only do these team members need an intricate knowledge of the company and how it works, but they also need interpersonal skills to discuss changes with employees and train them on new systems. This typically means they're in high demand and are full-time salaried employees.

Human Resources and Administra...

Mon Oct 31, 2016 - 19:00:17 by RSS Bot
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Marketing yourself as a software developer


   Development is one of the fastest-growing industries across the world, and there's significant demand for software developers to improve apps, online tools, and digital functions. Gone are the days where we used specific hardware for different tasks; today we do everything with our smartphones and laptops.

   However, the rise in http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobs-software-developer?posted=1" target="_blank">software development jobs also means the field is competitive. Companies like Uber and Microsoft want the best, and you need to market yourself well to stand out. Follow this guide to making sure your name gets picked above the rest.

Prove That You're Committed to Learning

   While you might feel that your education is done once you've completed your degree, you've actually just started. Post-college developers that want to get ahead continue their informal education by attending conferences, webinars, and lectures that talk about the latest trends. You may even want to take some additional classes online to better learn a language or learn more about an industry.

   Even if you don't use that language every day, companies want to know that you're committed to learning and easily trained. In fact, the https://dzone.com/articles/4-most-important-skills" target="_blank">ability to teach yourself is one of the most in-demand skills for http://www.careerbuilder.com/insights/software-developer" target="_blank" data-gtm="ar-cdp-link|software-developer">software developers, along with problem solving and working with others. This way a company can bring you on and get you caught up without losing too much time.

   https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2751.jpg?1477930880">Web Presence Consulting (#WPC)https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2751.jpg?1477930880" data-media-id="2751">

Get Involved in Software Communities

   Regardless of the industry, your connections will prove invaluable when you're looking for work. People often share hiring opportunities with their Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections before the position is posted online, which means you can reach out to them personally and ask about putting in a good word for you. Close connections might even reach out to you with an opportunity if they think you would be a good fit.

   The easiest way to make those connections is to get involved in professional organizations that cater to your niche. This might be a weekly meetup group at a local bar or an online forum where people debate issues relevant to software trends. Either way, jump into the conversation and let yourself be heard.

Create a Blog and Portfolio

   Employees in almost any industry need strong online portfolios, but http://www.careerbuilder.com/insights/software-development-engineer" target="_blank" data-gtm="ar-cdp-link|software-development-engineer">software development is field where an online portfolio is particularly useful. However, if you're looking to make your works stand out from everyone else's, take it to the next level ...

Mon Oct 31, 2016 - 19:00:16 by RSS Bot
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3 Tips to Freelancing as a Web Designer

Many Web Designer Jobs | CareerBuilder web designers opt to work in the freelance world instead of landing a full-time job. They enjoy the flexibility when it comes to hours, prefer to work from home, and appreciate the diversity of different clients. Companies also prefer freelance work over hiring in-house employees when they have major short-term projects instead of consistent work. They can also save money in the long run.

While the freelance life might seem glamorous, it comes with more job responsibilities than in-house employees have. Keep reading for tips to launch your freelance career.

Web Presence Consulting (#WPC)

Make Sure Your Resume and Portfolio Are Updated

The first thing that any potential client is going to look for is your portfolio. If you're a visual graphic designer or an interactive developer, they want to see what you have designed in the past and what industries you have worked for. As long as you're landing clients, you need to keep your portfolio and resume updated with your latest work experience.

Whenever you start a new project, ask about options for highlighting your work. Some companies have strict confidentiality agreements, and you might not be able to include your work in a portfolio — even if it's just on your personal WordPress site. Try to balance your clients between brands that you can include in your portfolio and those that are off-limits.

Always Look Out for New Clients

The challenge with freelance work is that you never know when clients will have to drop you or major projects will fall through. As a result, you should constantly be on the lookout for new design opportunities and people to work with.

For UX designers, this might mean getting involved in developer communities locally or online to find opportunities to network. By immersing yourself with people within your industry, you can get your name out there and learn the right jargon that someone in the business community wouldn't understand.

Constant networking can actually benefit freelance designers. Once they reach bandwidth, they can decide who to work for — which often comes down to who is paying the most.

Set Regular Work Hours

Many freelance Explore Careers | CareerBuilder web designers enter the field so they can choose their own hours, but some struggle with the freedom. If they don't have an office to go to every day, then they get distracted and end up falling behind. To prevent this, freelancers should choose hours — whenever they work best — and stick to them to develop a routine.

This also helps freelancers learn to turn off for the day. Working from home means you're always technically "at the office," and some freelancers work 16-hour days because they never stop taking calls and fixing bugs. Once you set your hours, stick...
Bob Perry
Sat Oct 29, 2016 - 13:00:41 by Bob Perry
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If you need the ability to make payment instantly to another user here at WPC, we have a feature that allows other members to send/receive PayPal payments... it is not turned on by default in your account however, it is located in your Forum Profile settings, you must set it up first for it to function properly... NOTING that your PayPal account is safe, we do NOT need to store your password anywhere on our site, we only need the account name and you must choose one of the icons from the dropdown box right above where you store your account name for PayPal... also note that this module was originally designed to be a rather humorous action to buy others a cup of coffee or a beer... but it serves beautifully for making payment transactions such as what might occur in one of the Buy-Sell-Trade forums you'll find here, it defaults to a suggested token payment but once you are taken over to the PayPal site you can change it to any amount...

Enjoy, but don't let me catch you guys using it to gamble amongst yourselves, that is grounds for a swift banishment, seriously...
Bob Perry
Sat Oct 29, 2016 - 02:21:24 by Bob Perry
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A little note to new members and SMF site owners to check out the Tags module, it's an efficient way to locate various posts that someone here has found interesting previously, and when you reach a predetermined membership level the system will allow you to add keyword tags of your own choosing, but be warned, I deplore spelling errors and would like to request (NOT require) that you use the keyword tags that are already available here, there is a complete list of them in the main Tags menu option on the Home & Added Features Page's sub_menus, and also on the Statistics Page screen everyone including guests has access to, it sticks out like a sore thumb because the length of the list is VERY large... as a side note I want to mention that I routinely monitor the activity of this module with the various Search Engines very closely and can say for fact that search engines respond well to them...

Wed Oct 26, 2016 - 19:01:37 by RSS Bot
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Is your personality type ideal for working from home?


   For many people, working from home http://www.careerbuilder.com/jobs-work-from-home-jobs?posted=1" target="_blank">sounds like a dream job. After all, when you work from home you can skip the commute, wear what you want, and design your own office. This kind of work environment isn't ideal for everyone, though. Learn whether your personality type is ideal for working from home and how you can make this setup work for you.

Staying Motivated

   When you work from home, you'll have to rely largely on yourself to stay motivated. After all, you'll be on your own in the workplace. Without a boss looking over your shoulder or coworkers plugging away alongside you, staying on task can be tough.

   If you have a natural sense of self-motivation or an entrepreneurial spirit, you probably won't have any trouble thriving. If motivation doesn't come naturally, take a few
   http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2014/01/22/11-ways-to-stay-motivated-while-working-from-home/#1c8d1caf4102" target="_blank">steps to stay productive at home. Try sticking to a schedule, keeping work and home spaces separate, and letting yourself take periodic breaks.


   Many people prefer to work without constant oversight or regular in-person interactions with coworkers. That doesn't mean they do their best work when left to their own devices, though.

   If you find that frequent distractions in the office cause the quality of your work product to decline, working from home could create the ideal independent environment for you. If collaboration and feedback drive you to succeed, you'll have to set up a virtual system or occasional in-person meetings to get the interaction you need.

https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2736.jpg?1477427336">Web Presence Consulting (#WPC)https://hiring-assets.careerbuilder.com/media/attachments/careerbuilder-original-2736.jpg?1477427336" data-media-id="2736">


   Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you can cut off communication with the rest of the world. In reality, you'll have to devise
   https://www.fastcompany.com/3046450/how-to-be-a-success-at-everything/do-you-have-the-right-personality-to-work-from-home" target="_blank">alternative ways of communicating successfully with coworkers, clients, and managers.

   If you have a personality geared toward sensing or intuiting information, it's important that you communicate clearly with others, to ensure that you're discussing all the information needed for you to do your job well. Set up time to talk, chat, or videoconference with others so you can brainstorm and toss ideas around.

Problem Solving

   When you work with others, solving a tough problem can be as easy as stopping by your colleague's cubicle. At home, you'll be responsible for resolving both big and small issues.

   If you're naturally resourceful, you know how to research and think critically in order to arrive at a reasonable solution. If you lack this ability, however, learning some simple problem-solving techniques can help you improve productivity.

Decision Making

   When you work independently, most of the
   http://www.inc.com/jayson-demers/7-traits-you-need-if-you-want-to-work-from-home.html" target="_bla...

Bob Perry
Wed Oct 26, 2016 - 09:47:24 by Bob Perry
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I don't push the services I offer much, but recent developments warrant that I change up my attitude about throwing up and sharing the available offerings that I have set up in the paid services menu area of the site... which of course, is only displayed AFTER you register an account here!!

  • Keep in mind that I specialize in the SMF© platform of social networking site software and the myriad of third party modules that modify the system to suite any type of business or interest functionality.
  • The $100 per month Webmaster service is designed for members with existing SMF powered sites, or if you already have a domain & hosting account. I monitor and maintain a stable install of the latest stable version of the core software and make recommendations on any number of third party modules that the site owner may wish to incorporate on his/her site.
  • The Charter Membership is designed for the average visitor who is inspired by something they see here at WPC and they feel compelled to help foster growth of the system. Available by the month or a one-time lifetime subscription.
  • For quite some time previously I was running the beta version of the core software, I am delighted to say that changing back to the stable release is refreshing because all the functions available here seem to work beautifully as far as I can tell, no complaints from users about something that doesn't work and there are very few errors popping up in the system error log, yay!!!
  • There is an advertising subscription available, your ad will be interspersed at random between the various areas of the site where you already see advertising, except of course in the case of being in a membergroup here that does not display advertising, but I can intice you by saying that most normal visitors and guests will see at least one of your ads eventually, depends on a couple factors, many users nowadays have a ad blocking app installed on their browser, and of course it also depends on how long the visitor explores our site.
  • It should also be noted that the core operating principles and function of SMF© powered sites revolves around Social Networking on a merit based philosophy of give/take message contributions of members, which you will soon discover is a bit different looking that the big monopolies Facebook, Twitter, and Google control, but rest assured that anything you can do there you can also find here, with a lot less restrictions too, test things for yourself and judge for yourself, if you need help I am only a few clicks away, normally responding within 24 hours at the outside.

PayPal© "BuyMe" feature update: Many of you may wonder what that BuyMe a Drink thingy in your profile settings is (refer to the small coffee cup icon on my profile and posts and in the memberlist), there are three items in your profile settings which are not labeled very well and have something to do with PayPal, yes, the option right above the one where you enter your PayPal username and the checkbox right below that are all tied to a handy little module that allows other users to send you PayPal money, it was originally designed as kind of a humorous quicky module where others could get money instead of paying all the PayPal stuff to the site owner only... well as it turns out it comes in very handy for completing financial transactions such as paying for items you buy from other members or being paid for winning contests and other pr...
Tue Oct 25, 2016 - 01:07:46 by AVSMarc | Views: 1385 | Comments: 1

This post is to anyone thinking of using Bob's coding skills.
I'm a new client of Bob's. From the very first day I contacted him to help with our online forum, he's been enthusiastic, helpful, and willing to go above and beyond to make me happy.
I'm looking forward to a long and successful business relationship!
Wed Oct 19, 2016 - 03:00:46 by RSS Bot
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Barber offers discounts for kids who read to him

Any kid who comes to the Fuller Cut in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and reads from a book during their haircut gets two dollars shaved off the price. Owner Alex Fuller says the idea has really caught on. Dean Reynolds reports.

Source: Barber offers discounts for kids who read to him
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