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"Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise." Proverbs 17:28

[Tech Tip] Points, Tips, & Recent Changes for newly registered members...

Bob Perry · 11018

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Offline Bob Perry

The recent changes to the system dramatically lessen my own and future staff members' workload keeping tabs on scammer & spammer wannebe's, this message is directed right at you, you'll not get past ME, bring it!!...

Points to consider...
  • I've modified the system to NOT allow you to insert links or images in several different fields of your Forum Profile admin settings where there's typically no validation on other SMF powered sites...
  • Certain fields are modified so that these restrictions are permanent, I will let you know in subsequent replies which fields are restricted permanently as these hacks are not quite bullet proof yet
  • The majority of the changes are not permanent however, once you satisfy a predetermined number of successful postings the system will allow you to replace the links or image
  • Keep in mind that my admin settings may need a little tweaking as time progresses so the requirements may change again later

Some other tips about Forum Profile fields that you should be aware of...
  • PayPal address - newly registered members ARE allowed to have guests send you payments via PayPal by filling in your address in the field for that purpose... HOWEVER, read the next few bullet points carefully for smooth functioning of this feature
  • The PayPal address field is tied to the field directly above AND the one directly below your PayPal address
  • You must select one of the choices of icons in the drop down list in the Buy Me a Drink field in order for other users to know that you are allowing payments to be sent to your PayPal account
  • This feature is extremely useful for paying out cash prizes to the winners of the various contests we will be conducting in the future, as well as completing transactions between buyer/seller of items in the Buy/Swap/Sell forums from the main menu option Forum
  • For a humorous little quirk of the module that powers the BuyMeADrink module, try sending a payment to yourself  :D

01/31/2017 Update !! The posting restriction has been applied to the paypal address field too, you can see what these restrictions are by observing and reading the text in small print that may or may not appear just below the input block for editing your signature, they will disappear when you satisfy the restriction in question, but you need to assume that the restriction applies to many of the other text entry fields as well, such as social icons.

Linkback: https://web-presence-consulting.com/font-colorffb24d-size3wpc-webmaster-services-announcements-knoxville-tnfont/17/points-tips-and-recent-changes-for-newly-registered-members/18448/
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Best Regards,
Bob Perry

"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it." Elbert Hubbard

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By clicking on the various column headings in the Members listing there are several ways to sort the member list so you don't have to scroll thru too many pages to get to what info you're interested in... As you can see by this snippet of the list sorted by the Buy field, only three members currently have the PayPal feature set up properly...

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Offline Bob Perry

These changes are permanent only for the personal text field currently, this may change but not for quite some time I'm guessing... whether you are under any restrictions will be indicated directly below the text INPUT area of your SIGNATURE Forum Profile field while you are editing your Profile... NOTE that these restrictions apply to all member group levels, including purchased ones

Offline Bob Perry

ALL of the social networking icons in your Profile now have the signature restrictions applied to them as well, If you haven't logged in to your account within the last 90 days you might get deleted very soon...

In an effort to send a message to spammers & scammers, & to more accurately reflect the stats of the social icons on the statistics page, I'm getting ready to cull out all the old deadbeat accounts, dramatically...

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Offline Bob Perry

New Feature: Live Audio/Video Streaming in the Chatrooms located in the toolbar at bottom of every page... ENJOY!!

01/31/2017 Update !! No longer functional, the renewal license is just a bit too high priced for me at this time, but trust me I plan to renew when finances pick up, the texting part and chatrooms and few other functions still work, guests have access to the chat toolbar too
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Offline Bob Perry

The Tagging System module feature installed here has been lingering quietly in the background for years actually, but recent hacks that I've made should see a dramatic improvement to the frequency and activity that the search engine spiders do here at WPC, and after you reach a preset number of successful posts here in the forums, you too will have an option to add a "tag" to your posts and then observe how fast Google reacts to it by observing our "Who's Online" page available to all comers in several places on the system, the tagging system is also tied to the Downloads "keywords" option when adding or editing a new download... be aware however that I will frown heavily on any un-approved tags being added to the list, AND this list can be observed and copy/pasted from on the Board Stats page by anyone, including guests (you can't miss it, the list is quite large and the section sticks out like a sore thumb on the Stats Page) plus I also deplore spelling errors, I have been known to call members out on that publicly, don't mis-spell a new tag, do it right and remember this is a family oriented site...
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Reply #6 on: Fri Oct 24, 2014 - 03:59:00
Speaking of the Tags system, I always use tags when posting a new topic, and also when adding a post to the Article system too...

Think of the tagging system as a way of attaching unique KEYWORDS to your work specifically to attract activity from the search engines and other spiders & robots... people are way too hung up on "big brother" tracking everything you do online, face up to it, its pointless to fret over it now, unless you are a criminal or other such shady character of course... the tagging system is a useful tool for locating topics you may have noticed before but didn't stop to examine at the time...

YOU will eventually be able to add tags and use the article system too, all it takes is a little positive participation...

And don't forget that there is easy money to be had in the various contests we conduct here at WPC  :-\


Offline Bob Perry

Just fixed a major flaw with Shop credit system, now you won't get awarded the credits you normally get for making posts until after the post is approved by a moderator if that action is required for your post to be visible...


Offline Jen69

Ah now that is way cool, here I come you spammers, although I can't steal your credits, I can however steal your Karma, hehehehehehehe hawwaa


Offline Bob Perry


Now that I've completely overhauled the system must go back and reconstruct all the edits and customizing that I've done over the last few months Jen, but making very good progress, should be in great shape in a few months when my new game module rolls out... what do you think of the new look for WPC Jen? This new theme is remarkably mobile device compatible too...

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Reply #10 on: Mon Jan 12, 2015 - 07:32:39
Quote from: Bob Perry link=msg=152845 date=1420014337


Now that I've completely overhauled the system must go back and reconstruct all the edits and customizing that I've done over the last few months Jen, but making very good progress, should be in great shape in a few months when my new game module rolls out... what do you think of the new look for WPC Jen? This new theme is remarkably mobile device compatible too...

This is great so far Bob, I'm impressed... the aesthetics of the Downloads section need some tweaking, since I can't access the error logs, are we getting many errors related to downloads?

Offline Bob Perry

Reply #11 on: Mon Jan 12, 2015 - 08:38:09
Quote from: WCFritos date=1421065959 link=msg=154330

This is great so far Bob, I'm impressed... the aesthetics of the Downloads section need some tweaking, since I can't access the error logs, are we getting many errors related to downloads?

Yes I'm aware of the display issues with the Downloads Mod, it'll wait for the author to adjust it, which will be a long time from now most likely... but not worry, we get VERY few errors related to its functionality, its probably the most stable of any of my major third party stuff, it better be considering the amount of time I've poured into tweaking it over the last year or two...

The new theme is so cool I'm not sure I'm even going to bother reinstalling a portal, not sure yet, going to study search engine activity on the site without the portal for a long time before I decide...

The new version is so cool that several major issues concerning broken modules simply disappeared after switching over... such as the Member Map, its fixed functionally, except for when the user is using Internet Explorer, it won't display the map for that browser...

A while back we did lose the ability to effectively justify two of the contests we were conducting, the Karma and Arcade Game contests, I'm not worried about it tho because this version opens up different possibilities for different types of new ones, give me time and there'll be more info about it... have you discovered the new Likes & Mentions features? way cooler than Karma, Likes functions exactly like the Facebook counterpart, I'm monitoring how search engines react to it very closely...

Let's see, what else is there... the new notification & alerts system is way over the top cool too, in your profile preferences there is a ton of neat features to turn on or off to suit your needs, the more I explore the new stuff the higher my energy level gets as I have known for years that SMF© is leaps and bounds superior to Wordpress and other social networking software platforms, not to mention that the core software is FREE...

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Reply #12 on: Sat Nov 26, 2016 - 21:06:24
Update: Having made the statement that the system is relatively mobile compatible is no longer the case... That was when I had the SMF© 2.1 beta version installed, I converted the system back to the currently stable public release which is not very mobile compatible out of the box... to be honest, I'm not worried about it very much, I've been preaching for years that anyone who surfs the net with a smartphone needs to seek therapy lol Get yourself some true computing power with a desktop or decent laptop I say...

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Reply #13 on: Sat Dec 10, 2016 - 23:55:10

I did however, go ahead and re-install the Tapatalk app for this platform, and feedback would be appreciated on its effectiveness as I do not use it on my smartphone, so I don't really know how it is functioning, anyone?

UPDATE yet again... just as in the past, this Tapatalk module is a useless piece of crap for a system such as this, bye bye tapatalk...

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