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 Cosmic Disclosure: Wormholes and Breakaway Civilizations with Mark McCandlish

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Cosmic Disclosure: Wormholes and Breakaway Civilizations with Mark McCandlish

David Wilcock: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. Well, Corey, welcome back.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So what we're about to see here is Mark McCandlish describing a very fascinating UFO sighting that was certainly unambiguous way back during the era of the Vietnam War. Let's take a look.

* * * * * *


Mark McCandlish: I was at an air show at El Toro Marine Corps Station. This was back around 1991 or '92. And they had a static display there.

1 Mark McCandlish

And they had this beautifully restored B-24 Liberator.

2 B 24 Liberator

The aluminum of the plane had been polished to a mirror finish. And they had all the stencils were just perfect.

And I'm standing there behind this rope, and I'm looking at this plane. And I've just got a big grin on my face, just admiring what a wonderful restoration they've done on this plane.

And standing next to me is this fellow. He's probably about five foot five, an older gentleman, probably in his 70s or 80s. And he's got the same grin on his face too.

And so I look over and I said, “Boy, she's a beaut, ain't she?”

And he says, “Yeah!” He said, “I started my flying career in one of these.”

I said, “Really? You were in the Second World War?”

And he said, “Yeah, I was in the Pacific theater.”

And I said, “Well, so how long were you in?”

And he says, “Oh, 25 or 30 years.” And he said, “I ended up my career as a navigator in a B-52 in Vietnam.”

And I said, “Well, boy, that was some pretty serious fighting, especially, you know, B-52s and all the political flak that the military took.”

And so we started talking about different planes and weapons systems, the different things that he had flown or been a part of over the years.

And I said, “Well, you know, I understand that there's some new, pretty advanced stuff that's flying around now.

“I've heard stories from people who were in the Persian Gulf War who saw things zipping around in the sky that were unexplainable, making right angle turns at incredible velocity, stopping on a dime, and shooting away like they'd come out of a gun.”

And he kind of nodded and said, “Yeah, I've seen some of that stuff.”

And I said, “Really? Well, tell me about this.”

So he looks around nervously, you know, because he felt that maybe somebody might be tailing him – at least that was the way he acted.

And he says, “Well,” he says, “in the mid-'60s,” he says, “we'd flown a mission over North Vietnam, and our plane had picked up some flak from a surface-to-air missile. And so they sent us over to Guam to repair the aircraft, and we got about a week of R and R.”

And he said, “We were on our way back to our base in Thailand, and we were out over the Pacific. It's about 1 o'clock in the morning, full Moon, not a cloud in the sky anywhere.”

And he says, “I'm in my navigator suite just cruising along, not really paying much attention.”

I think they were at like 56,000 feet, some incredible altitude.

And all of a sudden, the pilot says, “What the hell is that?”

And so everybody scrambles up to the cockpit, and he points out to the left, and on the left side of the vehicle is this huge disk – immense. He said, “Conservatively, conservatively, between a quarter and a half of a mile in diameter.”

3 Huge Disk

And I said, “Well, how did you . . . How could you determine . . . How could you tell it was that big?”

And he says, “Well, it had a cupola, a dome, on the top.” And he said it looked like a single casting of white Lexan. And it was translucent. And it was glowing. It was illuminated from the inside.

4b Disk Long Shot

And he says, “On the outside of this dome, you could see the silhouette of each of the floors inside.”

5 Drawing Of Disk And Plane

And he says, “We counted 27 stories – 27 stories!”

And I said, “Okay. Well, what was the aspect ratio between the thickness of the disk and the overall diameter?”

He says, “About 10 to one.” So he says, “That's how we figured out that it was somewhere between a quarter and a half a mile in diameter.”

So he describes this thing. And he said, “It didn't look like your typical, you know, science fiction flying saucer where the outside is mirror smooth and polished.”

He said, “This thing was rough.”

It had panels that were different, you know, textures. And there were conduits that would come out of one place and snake around and go somewhere else, and plumbing and tubing and pipes and things, little antennas and stuff sticking out of it all over the place.

But he said, “Around the edge,” he said, “was this slot. And in this slot were these big . . . they looked like turbine blades.”

And he says, “Each one of these turbine blades was the size of a bypass door on a hangar for like an aircraft from the Air Force, really big.”

And he says, “And these turbine blades, whatever they were,” he says, “they were sliding along in this track around the circumference of this vehicle, just very slowly. And this thing paralleled our course.”

He said, “They were with us for at least a half an hour.”

And he says, “Maybe it was owing to the fact that the B-52 was designed to fight a nuclear war, and so the electronics of our plane was completely shielded against EMP,” electromagnetic pulse.

So he says, “Whatever was keeping this thing in the air, and we thought it was probably magnetic something,” he says, “we flew all around it. We flew over it. We flew under it.”

He says, “We got a really good look at this thing.”

And he says, “And it was the strangest thing we'd ever seen.”

But he said, “After a while,” he said, “this thing moved off a little ways.”

And he said, “The way we could see the features was, number one, from the illumination of the dome, and also the fact that it was sort of backlighted by the full Moon.”

And then the reflection of the Moon light coming off the Pacific Ocean would illuminate the underside of it.

He said, “The thing moved off a ways.” And he said, “These big turbine blades at the edge began going faster and faster and faster and faster until these blades, the size of a hangar bypass door, moving so fast you can't even see them. It's just a blur.”

And then all of a sudden, this thing, phew!, takes off on an oblique angle from their flight path.

And he says, “And as it did, this shimmering tunnel of light opens up, and this thing goes into it.”

6 Disk Takes Off

And he said, “And as it did, we could see at the far end of this tunnel, we could see a day-lit sky with white puffy clouds, which there were none around where we were.”

And he said, “And it looked like it was coming out of a tunnel into the daylight.”

And he said, “And then the tunnel just sort of dematerialized and went away. And we were all sitting there with our mouths hanging open.”

So he said, “We went the rest of the way to our base in Thailand.”

And he says, “As soon as we landed,” he says, “the FBI was there, and they wanted to interview us and debrief us.”

And he says, “That was the one thing that they were the most interested in, this apparent traversable wormhole event that we had seen.”

* * * * * *

David: Well, this is extremely fascinating. I guess we got to start with some of the nuts and bolts here, which is this seems like a more primitive type of craft except that it's very large, describing all these pipes and rivets and doohickies hanging off of it.

What do you think he might have seen back there in Vietnam? Where might this have some from?

Corey: Well, this was definitely a nonterrestrial vessel. He was describing how the cupola at the top had 27 floors. And the main section of the flying saucer, I guess we'll call it, that's where most of engineering is, and you have a bunch of moving parts that cause this, I guess these large vents to slide around.

So most of the crew compartment is up in that cupola at the top.

David: Right.

Corey: And down inside, that's the business end where the power is generated, where the things spin. And only people who could go down there are maintaining the craft.

David: So just to be absolutely clear, nothing like this has ever been seen by you in the Secret Space Program, per se?

Corey: Well, like you said, it's older technology. And this type of craft has been associated with what people call the “Greys” a lot.

David: Oh, really?

Corey: Yeah. Or the Ebans, that these type of craft have been associated with them. Yes, I have heard of similar craft – very large, some of them like even a mile.

David: Why do you think they might have been over the Pacific Ocean near Thailand?

Corey: During times of conflict, there seems to be a lot of UFO activity, like the aliens are coming in to watch what's going on, observe, maybe even take part.

So as we heard when we interviewed Clifford Stone, when he was in Vietnam, they had an encounter with nonterrestrials after a B-52 had crashed.

So it seemed like during Vietnam there was a lot of nonterrestrial activity around that part of Asia.

David: The story about the wormhole at the end, of course, is really fascinating, because they're at night. They have moonlight reflecting off of this disk, but then they see a tunnel, and it's not night on the other side. There's a sky. There's clouds, and there's sunlight.

So what do you think is going on there? What are we looking at?

Corey: They're looking at their destination, a window to their destination that's been opened up.

This has been described – I don't know if I've mentioned it on the show before – but I've heard that described many times. They will see strange-looking skies that look like they're obviously not on Earth anywhere. So, yes, I've seen that described many times.

David: So if you have the right angle, you can see right through the portal and see where the destination is on the other side?

Corey: Yes.

David: How did the description of the tube itself being lined with sparkling light fit in with other things that you've seen or heard?

Corey: Well, the way I've described it is it will refract light. It looks kind of like a shimmering mirage, is what I've seen.

David: Well, it's fascinating to me, because McCandlish doesn't know what I heard from Daniel, another insider, who described working at Montauk, and that portals would appear in the cafeteria.

And you would see like a grassy field where there was no field. Like you'd be looking at the wall, but there's this shimmery thing around the wall and then there's this field.

Now, do these portals take you through time as well as space?

Corey: Yes. And they learned how to manipulate some of these portals to be able to travel backwards and forwards in time even.

David: All right. So now we're going to have more of this interview with Mark McCandlish, where he's going to describe his own personal experience.

* * * * * *


Mark McCandlish: I was coming back from an Angels' baseball game in 1994 – I think it was June or July at Angel stadium – going east through Carbon Canyon.

There's an area there near some kind of a wildlife preserve that's southwest of Chino.

In the distance, there were some heavy duty high tension power lines that went over the hill, and there were some developments, some houses, and things in there.

I'm with a group of two or three other kids, and we're in this car driving along. And there was a Santa Ana wind condition in that area at the time, and so all the planes that would normally come in and land from the east really couldn't do that because the wind was coming in from their back, and it would lower the amount of lift they'd get.

So they were orbiting around and coming in and flying in from the west, going towards the east to have the extra lift of that wind. And so there were all these planes in a holding pattern, and you could see their lights and everything.

And I said, “Boy, you know, it must be quite a challenge for the air traffic controllers to keep all those planes organized and not have any one of them crash.”

And we had just finished talking about UFOs. This is the thing that was so fascinating.

And right as I said that, about the crash and, you know, a midair collision, there was a brilliant flash of light. And we all kind of went like this [Mark shows shock on his face].

And this brilliant flash of light gets big, and then it kind of closes back up.

And then there's another point of light that starts coming out of the sky, and it's dropping down about a 45° angle and it's getting bigger as it does so.

And then it was almost as though there was an invisible hole in the sky and following in unison and in trail with this object were these parallel lines. And they were moving in unison. And they were all sort of staggered. They all had different line weights. Some were thick; some were thin.

But they were all the same sort of golden yellow color, and they were moving in unison with this thing.

And I thought about it. I called the airport. I said, “Was there a crash? Was there a collision?”


And so as I was thinking about this, it occurred to me – and this thing came right down into this wildlife preserve. And they have very strict guidelines about no one being in the park after dark. There are signs that say so. I investigated this.

So they don't want you around there after dark. And now I think I kind of know why.

But the object that I saw appears to have just exited from one of these traversable wormholes.

And just like in that scene in the very first “Star Wars” movie where they make the jump to light speed, and as they shoot off into hyperspace, all the images of the distant stars begin to streak.

Well, it's the same thing coming the other way, because what's happening is that as this thing is coming out of this traversable wormhole, it's actually dragging some of the light from those stars where it was when it left some point in space. It's pulling that light along with them.

And so what you see is the image of those stars sort of stretched out into lines. Each star, the big ones that are closer have a larger or heavier line weight. The ones that are faint, further away, have a little tiny line. But they were all parallel, moving in unison like this.

And then I realized that the golden color was the red shifting of the light from stars that looked like white to the naked eye. But if you're talking about the Doppler effect of moving away from a light source, you get a red shifting so the light turns sort of a yellow gold.

And that was how I figured it out.

Well, since that time, since I recognized what the phenomenon looks like, and since I moved to Northern California, I've probably seen events like that maybe at least six to eight times – a couple of them quite spectacular.

But they're so often, they're so frequent, especially in the summertime. We don't know why. The summer seems to be a time frame when this happens more often.

But they happen so often that the local people who watch the skies, and you know, astronomy fans and people who like to watch UFOs or wait and see if they see one, they call these things “flashers”, because they happen so often.

* * * * * *

David: When he's describing this portal phenomenon with lines coming off of it, what are your initial thoughts as you see all this?

Corey: A lot of optical types of phenomenon have occurred. Even light can get stuck in the wake of these craft as they travel through these wormholes.

So I've heard of different types of light phenomenon that have occurred in air when craft have entered and left through wormholes.

David: He talks about these flashers as if they're fairly common. I haven't really heard people describing that. Do you think that if someone such as either an extraterrestrial or one of our own are traveling in and out of our atmosphere using portal technology, that if you are perceptive enough, and you're looking in the right place at the right time, that there will be visible phenomena like this?

Corey: There's a lot more going on above our heads than we know. The typical person spends the whole day looking at ground level. Very few people stop to look up.

David: Right. So you think there could be atmospheric phenomena that most people wouldn't even notice because it's fast or otherwise not so visible?

Corey: Atmospheric and light phenomenon, yes.

David: Right. In a case like what we just heard him describing, would this be more like a craft? Or would this be more like a natural phenomena in some way that bends light as a portal phenomena?

Corey: It could be either, because as I've described how the cosmic web works, and how the Earth, as it spins, there has to be the correct electromagnetic connection between the Earth, the Sun, and then the Sun and the star of the destination that they're coming from.

So this could also explain why they're only seen in summer, or possibly, because that's when these portals are opening over certain nodes on Earth.

And as I've described, these electromagnetic nodes can open below ground, below the ocean, on the surface of the Earth, and extremely high in the atmosphere.

David: One of the things that he made me think of was something I saw in “Discover” magazine in the 1990s, where they were describing a new phenomenon that they were announcing that wasn't really Aurora Borealis, but had some similarity. And they called them “sprites”. That was one type.

Another type they described as “elves”.

And when I think back about this now, the sprites and the elves predominantly were linear columns of light that seemed to have a mouth, like a funnel type of shape to them.

So do you think sprites and elves might be an example of these wormholes actually being visible to us?

Corey: No. No, those are electromagnetic phenomena that happen. Some have negative and positive charges. A lot of the electrical charges that we see coming and grounding, hitting the ground, are of one polarity or charge.

And the ones that reach out into outer space are of a different polarity and charge.

David: Okay.

Corey: And they reach very far out into space, the sprites and the elves.

David: Well, I thought you said that portals themselves have a plasma basis to them?

Corey: Plasma is more of a byproduct of the electromagnetic fluxing that's occurring. Just like he was talking in the Flux Liner how it would create kind of a corona around it of light that emitted x-rays.

David: Right.

Corey: It's more of a byproduct.

David: One of the interesting things he said in the course of this little section was that whatever was coming through this alleged portal appeared to be getting larger and larger as it got towards him.

Do you think that that size increase was simply a function of the object moving nearer to them? Or is there something else going on here that causes that?

Corey: When we would go through these local distortions in time-space that we call portals, I've described how there would be like a metal beam, and then the portal would be turned on and it would fold up and go in.

And I've described how it'll be a three dimensional sphere, and people will walk in from all directions at the same time. And then on the other side they pop out going that direction.

Well, as they go in and come out, there's such a twisting in time-space that as they go in, they seem to shrink. And as they come out, they seem to kind of grow larger.

So when I saw him describing that phenomenon, it could be perspective that it was coming closer to him. But it made me think of that weird anomaly that occurs when people and items go in and out of these portals.

David: Do you think that there is some sort of connection between megalithic stone architecture and portal phenomena?

Corey: Yes. The ancients built a lot of these megaliths along this grid system on the Earth.

7 Energy Grid System

And this grid system is what conducts the electricity and channels it to these different nodes . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . that open up into portals.

David: All right. So our last and final section of this groundbreaking interview with Mark McCandlish is where he describes his interpretation of a term that was coined by Richard Dolan, the wonderful UFO investigator who really is all about the facts.

He termed the idea of a breakaway civilization being something that could arise out of this culture of national secrecy, and how these back engineered UFO anti-gravity technologies could, in fact, be colonizing outside the Earth, and therefore, form a civilization that is totally isolated from us.

Let's hear what Mark McCandlish has to say about this fascinating concept.

* * * * * *

Mark McCandlish: I think my friend Richard Dolan was one of the first people to speculate that this kind of technology sort of sequestered and held away from public view might have such a consequence that there might be a population of people who are held to a higher standard of security.

That are selected for their intelligence, their abilities, their understanding of what makes these kinds of things work. And that people who get involved in these things can . . . in all likelihood, they can never talk about them. They can't describe the technology. They can't divulge what they know.

And so they may, as a consequence of that, establish their own society, their own groups, their own peers, where they congregate and hang around together.

I mean, there's probably some kind of a location, maybe in Antarctica. I mean, there's been a tremendous amount of interest in what's going on in our Antarctica.

I mean, you hear John Kerry, and, you know, people like Richard Branson, you know, they're all flying down there for God knows why. But there's something very interesting happening down there.

There's been a lot of suggestions that Admiral Byrd had a confrontation with an advanced technology, you know, isolated civilization down there right after the Second World War. But there were losses of aircraft and personnel and a few ships, you know, as an outcome.

The technology is real. I know that I've seen things that were unexplainable by conventional types of propulsion systems or technology – things that moved across the sky at incredible speeds, things that look like they're manipulating time at the same time.

And so if you have a society that has at its disposal this kind of physics, this kind of technology, it seems to me that under the right circumstances that kind of technology could be used to do a little arm twisting around the world, in terms of things that are happening politically, for good or for bad.

It might be a way of encouraging someone not to start a third world war. It might be a way . . . I mean, you know, when you see the Chinese doing a lot of saber rattling and then all of a sudden there's a major UFO sighting over a capitol like Beijing, it gives one pause.

It makes you wonder if they aren't being given a very subtle message to stand down.

* * * * * *

David: What we seem to be driving at here is a concept of a much greater amount of secrecy behind the UFO phenomenon than most people could ever imagine.

And that's obviously been a central element of our show. I thought it was interesting that he mentioned Antarctica and brought up a lot of the same data that we've been talking about, seemingly without any awareness of what we have disclosed.

So what was your feelings on that?

Corey: Well, especially in connection with a breakaway civilization, because one of the updates that I have delivered recently is that there is what is referred to as an Antarctic Area 51, that is in Antarctica, that they have a lot of these under ice bases that they built under Project Iceworm.

8 Project Iceworm

They're very large, and they're research and development facilities. Lockheed Martin, all these places, they inhabit them and they use them.

Not only that, but there is a spaceport there that used to be a Nazi spaceport that was handed over to us during the late '50s, early '60s, and we converted it into our own spaceport. And that is a very heavily used spaceport.

But let's not forget that the concept of breakaway civilizations is not new. It occurred in antiquity.

Ancient civilizations would have the priest caste, and the priest caste would be made up of engineers. And all of the knowledge was guarded by the priest caste. They would even keep it from the kings.

In these times when they had developed these types of technologies, they had developed them separate from their civilization. And many of them would go below ground, off-world, develop bases.

And some of them are around today as some of these nonterrestrial groups – what we think are nonterrestrial groups – that we see flying in the sky.

David: What do you think is the likelihood of this breakaway civilization ever actually healing this divide with people on Earth to the degree that we will know that it exists and be able to interface with it in some way?

Corey: I'll be very surprised if they self-identify. I mean, the full-on breakaway civilization that has the most advanced technology. We'll most likely hear about one of these other secret space programs before too long.

But the only way I see that being disclosed is through some mass data dump, or some sort of an event to where the information is put out against the will of The-Powers-That-Be that run these breakaway civilizations.

David: How do you see that unfolding though? Because it seems like part of how this breakaway civilization concept has worked is that we don't have the ability to send our own drone and orbit the Moon to look at what's on the dark side. We don't have the ability for ordinary folks to get out into space.

Then you have guys like Elon Musk and Richard Branson who create their own little space program, and they try to make a launch, and it blows up, which appears to be sabotage.

So how would we actually experience this? How would we get out there?

Corey: Well, all of these things are occurring in secret. The weapons, the programs that are, let's say, sabotaging those two civilian programs, this is all happening in secret.

If we have some sort of a data dump and a large amount of information comes out that really can't be disputed, then the ruse is over. They can hide behind the curtain all they want, but we still know they're there.

David: What do you think is the end game as far as the breakaway civilization is concerned? If they still live in our solar system, they're kind of like sitting ducks if there was some kind of disclosure.

If they really wanted to break away, wouldn't they cut the cords to our Solar System completely and just go somewhere else?

Corey: They have. They inhabit other star systems. They have bases in other star systems.

If they had to, and they had planned to, at some point when it looked like information was going to be divulged to the public or to the middle tier – people that have teeth, some of the military-industrial complex groups – if these people started to have this information disclosed to them, The-Powers-That-Be that are part of this breakaway civilization had planned to escape our Solar System and go to one of these other star systems.

David: How do you think this so-called outer barrier affects that plan?

Corey: It has destroyed that plan. They are stuck here with us.

If we get Full Disclosure, then like you said, they're sitting ducks. They've been identified, and everyone's going to be taking a good look at them and what they've done to keep their breakaway civilization a secret from us, which is where a lot of the meat of disclosure is going to be.

David: All right. Well, on that note, we're going to end this episode. Very, very fascinating series of interviews with Mark McCandlish, one of the original 39 Disclosure Project whistleblowers who I got to meet personally back in 2001. And it is really amazing to hear how much more he had to say.

I'm David Wilcock here with Corey Goode. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”, and we thank you for watching.


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