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 Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions Part 5

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Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions Part 5

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I am here with Corey Goode.

What we're going to be doing in this episode is we're going to be reading your questions to Corey and getting his real responses. So that's part of how we are forming an interactive community where as a subscriber you actually get to affect the outcome and not just be a passive observer of what we're doing on the show.

So, Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Let's just get right into this, and we'll start with the questions that we have for you. So I have the list right here.

And the first one is:

“You stated that the MILAB groups targeted wanderers and starseeds. How do they know that a wanderer is a wanderer? Are wanderers and starseeds the same thing? Only answer this if you are willing. Are you a wanderer, and is that why they targeted you?”

So the MILAB groups target wanderers and starseeds. How do they know a wanderer's a wanderer? Are wanderers and starseeds the same thing?

Corey: How do they find these wanderers or starseeds? In the past, they did it through standardized testing. They would have tests that would pop up anomalies.

And if a person popped up a flag that they might possibly be one of these target groups, the people that run the projects will then send in another teacher or counselor that works for the district to come in and give tests eye-to-eye with the kid.

And from that, they are able to extrapolate very easily if they are a soul not of this world.

They use these standardized tests for many different reasons, too. It's not just to find starseeds and wanderers. They're also looking for sociopaths at a young age so that they can bring them in and, you know, mold them.

David: So are you saying that the wanderers are being contacted by their home, native groups, and that the Space Program has the ability to monitor all such contacts that occur on Earth?

1 Corey

Corey: Well, that occurs. A lot of these people are being “abducted” or contacted by their soul groups, and that is a way for them to find people to do further testing on, but they have to do some sort of an interview. And the person doing the interview is going to be some sort of an intuitive empath.

David: Okay. As far as the question of, “Are you a wanderer, and is that why you were contacted?”, what would you answer to that?

Corey: I would say, “Yes”. And I have shared this publicly before. Tear-Eir told me that I and the members of my family are a member of their soul group.

David: When they talk about wanderers, they're talking about ET souls. And when somebody uses a term like “starseed” or “crystal child” or “Indigo child”, these are just different semantic terms for what in The Law of One is only referred to as “wanderers”, but I think it's basically a blanket term, “wanderer”, that applies to everything.

Corey: Okay, that makes more sense because I really couldn't differentiate the two.

David: Sure. All right, let's have another one:

“Are the astronauts on the ISS, International Space Station, aware of SSP program, Secret Space Program, and everything going on with the moon, or are they kept in the dark? Wouldn't the ISS astronauts observe activity going on around them?”

Corey: Yes, they absolutely do observe activity going on around them. For the most part, they're seeing the military, the MIC SSP, the program that is controlled by the NSA, the DIA, Air Force, that kind of thing.

They have a couple of space stations up there that every time they orbit the Earth, they get a look at. So they're seeing these space stations that are about 400 miles to 500 miles out, and then they see the unacknowledged craft that are servicing these space stations. So they are very well aware.

A lot of these astronauts also go through a type of blank-slating as well.

David: Well, something that you didn't mention that I think is relevant to the question is, haven't there also been a lot of these feeds that get cut from the ISS?

Corey: Absolutely, yeah.

David: So anomalies will show up on the films all the time.

Corey: Right. And that's what we . . .

David: And then it just so happens to turn the camera off.

Corey: Yeah, that's what we get to see. They get to see the whole show.

David: Right. So do you think those people . . . Like when we look at the Apollo astronauts, they're almost all Freemasons?

Everybody that waked on the Moon was a Freemason, and they actually put a Masonic flag on the Moon's surface as well.

Do you think that the people in the ISS are brought into some kind of secret society or are sworn to secrecy in some way, have non-disclosure agreements?

Corey: Well, for the most sensitive projects, they are going to pull people out of the secret societies, because they have already gone through all these tenets, brainwashing.

They've already been tested that they're not going to reveal certain secrets, so they feel that they can count on these people. They're read it.

David: Right.

Corey: There are plenty of astronauts that are not Freemasons that are not going to be privy to the same information.

David: Sure. All right. Let's go for another question here:

“Do Grey aliens, Arcturians and Pleiadians actually exist? I know that the Greys work for the government and are the creations of the Reptilians. But are the Arcturians and Pleiadians peaceful?”

So first of all, I mean, he kind of answers his own question, but do Grey aliens, Pleiadiansm, and Arcturians actually exist? That would be the first question.

Corey: Well, I can most easily put it this way. There are non-terrestrial beings that are in contact with us who claim to be from those locations, yes.

David: Okay.

Corey: We found out over a long period of time, the SSP did, that where most of these beings said they came from was not true. It was some sort of operational security measure they took so we didn't know where they came from.

After that, they started labeling different non-terrestrials similar to like they do stars when they're discovered, like N-T-E, and then like an eight-digit number. And that becomes their designation.

David: Well, if you're inside the Inner Earth civilizations, and you're seeing that they clearly have craft that can fly through rock walls, it wouldn't be that hard for them to travel to some place like the Pleiades or Arcturus, because both of these are very nearby stars. Wouldn't you say that?

Corey: Right. Yeah, and that's how they found out that a lot of these people were not where they came from because they did secret missions to go verify.

David: Oh, really?

Corey: Yeah.

David: Well, but couldn't these people have settlements and outposts at Arcturus and the Pleiades?

Corey: Yeah, absolutely. And in the Pleiades, . . . The Pleiades is a large star system. The Mayan group has outposts there.

There are a lot of . . . The Pleiades has a lot of different groups inhabiting it.

David: Oh, I'm sure.

Corey: So if a being says, “I'm Pleiadian, or, I'm from the Pleiades, that is kind of like us saying, I'm from America. You know, where in America?

So I hope that answers the question.

David: Well, based on the groups that actually said they were Pleiadians or Arcturians, could you just describe in a little more detail what they're like and what would their characteristics be?

Corey: There were different beings that were coming to us, wanting to make deals with us, were meeting with military and secret society types from the Cabal.

And some of them were coming with what we would consider good intentions to help us with our problems, and some of them were coming to exploit us.

David: Sure.

Corey: That's why . . . And if you have groups like that that come from a same star system, and all three or four of them are claiming to be Pleiadians or whatever the name of that star system happens to be, it becomes very confusing for the Secret Space Program and these global secret syndicates to figure out.

They have to go out and do their due diligence.

David: So if I can simplify what you just said as an answer to the question, there is no one Pleiadian group or Arcturian group identifying as such.

Corey: From my experience in the programs, there were, right, several groups that had made these declarations, and later on we found out that it wasn't true.

David: Okay. Now, the other part of the question I think is worth you commenting on because this person mentioned the idea that Greys are a product of Reptilians as if it was a foregone conclusion. But is that actually true?

Corey: There are some biological androids that are created by different groups, and they get pretty much lumped into the same category.

We have Greys, these programmed life forms we've heard about. Well, so do . . . They have different types out there of programmed lifeforms that resemble the Greys.

2 Corey And David

So, yes, I would say that some of the beings – I'll say “beings” - that we've described as Greys, have been created by some of these negative groups.

David: What the question didn't cover that I think you've also said is there are also intelligent civilizations that are not androids or programmable that have a Grey physiology.

Corey: Right. Yeah, they have similar characteristics and the human mind. We've heard big head, big eyes, little body: Greys.

And another being comes that looks similar, that's the leap we take.

David: Right. Okay, this is a really interesting question, which I'm sure you can have some fun with:

“What can we do to aid the Sphere Beings in the changes that we wish to see take place on Earth?”

Corey: Very simple. This little spotlight that we have, that we're shining out into space and all around the Earth, looking for answers, looking for ways to affect change, take that spotlight, [Corey redirects his hand that was pointing outward toward himself. Whoosh] turn it towards ourselves.

Change begins with each of us as individuals. The message is clear. If we begin to spend our time trying to become more of service-to-others, trying to raise our vibration, then we are literally helping change the Earth one person at a time.

And then after we make these changes, or during while we're making these changes, we're being observed by others.

And they're going to be curious how we've attained this change. So we can share it with our example, or raise curiosity in others when they see the change in you.

The biggest thing that Tear-Eir has pushed home to me is that everything needs to happen in here [ie, inside our self]. All the work that we do out here can be all for nothing if we don't do the inner work and change ourselves.

David: There's been a number of questions on the forum, and we had another list that we compiled before we came up with this one. People are commenting on how much your personality has changed.

It's almost like a much milder version of the classic story “Flowers for Algernon,” right? Like, you used to be pretty slow in the way you were talking. Your physical weight, your body, was heavier.

You've undergone a very dramatic transformation, including your apparent IQ level. And people are saying, “Is this Corey or did he get replaced by somebody?”

Corey: A clone.

David: How would you tie in what's been happening to you to what you've just said?

Corey: I finally began to practice what I was told to preach and started doing the inner work, and it's been very difficult. It's not been easy.

You know, obviously, yeah, there have been a lot of changes in me. Some of them had to do, you know, I was going through surgery at the time and was on medications. That has some to do with it.

But mostly, it has to do with I started making the inner changes and following the guidance that I was given that I had been telling everyone else to do.

David: How do you think that high vibrational diet affects your consciousness? I mean, it does appear, just based on a kind of back of the envelope calculation, that you've had about a 15-point boost in your IQ since you did that.

Corey: Well, that has to do with the diet a lot, but it also has to do with doing the inner work, you know. If you have all these traumas that you haven't dealt with, they have mass.

The have actual mass, you know, energy mass in your body. When you work on those and you release that mass, then you're releasing a lot of the resources up here [Corey points to his head] that are being redirected to deal with the problem that you're not dealing with consciously.

David: Well, that's actually a really good point, and it's mirrored in psychology. Having studied psychology for a degree from a university . . .

Corey: I was a psychology major, too.

David: Yeah, so we do hear in mainstream thought that if someone has repressed memories of trauma, that that does actually take a strong amount of their mental energy to withhold those memories from their consciousness in the subconscious mind.

Corey: It takes a lot of energy, yeah.

David: And then once those memories are freed, all the energy that's diverted into the subconscious mind now becomes accessible to the conscious mind.

Corey: Yeah.

David: So would you say that if someone has traumatic, buried memories, that there is a certain amount of mental energy that's always going to keep that suppressed?

Corey: Absolutely. You know, 10%, 20% of their mental and psychological resources are being used to manage that situation.

David: Interesting. Okay, so now we've got another one here:

“A question on a lighter note. Are you aware of, or do you have, any information on ET civilizations having their own music or other cultural arts?”

Corey: Yes. Part of this will be from the more negative topic of the slave trade. Not only do they trade human beings off, but some of the most treasured works of art that were created here on Earth are now hanging on walls on other planets because of the trades that have been done.

Now, recently, people remember me speaking of Micca and his people.

David: Sure.

Corey: He's the ambassador from one of the closest stars to us in our local star cluster.

David: Right.

Corey: And he said that his people are absolutely enamored with our art and our music. They like many of our different forms of entertainment.

And they, too, have entertainment and art and music on their planet.

David: Well, you would think that if humans are a very common design, at least throughout our galaxy and neighboring galaxies, that almost every planet is going to invent drums, you know, a piece of wood with an animal skin on it.

They're going to invent stringed instruments like guitars. They're going to invent wind instruments like trumpets.

Corey: I just got an interesting mental picture of an ET sitting around a fire playing a mouth harp. Ha, ha.

David: Ha, ha.

Corey: But I see where you're going now.

David: Yeah. All right, cool. Let's have another question:

“What do you know about the Vedic literature?” This the literature coming out of India.

“Is Sanskrit a universal language spoken all over the universe?”

Corey: From what I understand, some sort of pre-Akkadian dialect, ancient pre-Akkadian dialect, is what they call a root language, not only for us on our planet, but out in the cosmos with certain beings.

David: Okay. Now, it's interesting to note that when we have the ancient Vedic scriptures, that it appears there was this Aryan migration, and that roots of Sanskrit occur in languages like Ukrainian, even English. A lot of the European languages actually have strong roots in the primordial Sanskrit.

Corey: Yeah, it's a root language.

David: So do these root languages have some sort of telepathic contact? Like, if you use this language, are you tapping into some sort of data bank of all the other beings that use the language telepathically?

Corey: Well, language is – I've stated before – it's seen as a negative thing for the most part. A lot of these non-terrestrials, that are positive at least, see language, us speaking to communicate, as you and I sitting here trying to manipulate each other into accepting the other person's point of view.

David: Right.

Corey: The way most of them communicate is a very pure type of communication, and that is done in the way that we call telepathically.

David: Right.

Corey: But they do have variations of these root languages out there that these different beings use in certain situations, especially when they're dealing with other cultures, such as like our planet.

Like, if they run across a planet that's early in its development – they don't have a strong language developed – they will give them a root language that will develop out from there.

Some of the eggheads or scientists stated that because there are so many similar root languages on other planets, that it will not be extremely difficult to learn these other languages and communicate with them fairly quickly.

David: Well, if we look at the work of Stan Tenen, he has gone into the Hebrew alphabet and described how each of these so-called fire letters could be modeled with a tetrahedron that has a spiral inside of it – a three-twisted spiral. And then you reflect that light onto a surface and each of the different symmetry spins of the tetrahedron corresponds to one of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Corey: Yeah. Well, language is seen kind of as a stepping stone. You know, when you're an undeveloped species, and you're communicating with grunts and growls to each other, that does not allow you to expand your consciousness and to evolve.

Once you start to have language, you're able to have these more hyper-dimensional kind of concepts to relate information to a like being, if that makes sense.

David: Yeah, that's interesting. Well, and then we also get into Asian culture and the fact that, like Egyptians, they seem to have a pictographic thing where you get these complex characters, especially Chinese, Japanese.

Do you think that would be a different ET group that had its own way of doing things that distributed that to just those areas?

Corey: Yeah. There have been a lot of different non-terrestrials that have been in contact with different races of human on the planet.

David: What might be the reason for why a particular group would want to create complex pictograms like Kanji characters?

Corey: Well, you take one character, and it can communicate a very broad concept to a person. Where if you take one word or one character from our alphabet and showed it to somebody, what is it going to communicate to them?

David: Would you also say that, perhaps, if you look at the language of dreams and how a particular symbol can mean multiple things, and all those interpretations are correct, that some of these more meditative cultures could have language in which a character means multiple things and that's all a meditation on a particular concept cluster?

Corey: Yeah, that could totally be what's going on with some of these.

David: So pictograms could actually be a tool for meditators to help them grasp the interconnectedness of things.

Corey: Right. You know, hieroglyphic, pictogram-type characters, when you see them, your consciousness is pulling more from a hyper-dimensional and multi-dimensional . . . you're pulling more information from one character.

David: Sure. All right, let's have another question here:

“Can you explain the caste system in Ka 'Aree's group? How does their government work? Is it a meritocracy, or do the priestesses handle all of the politics?”

Corey: Interestingly enough, the priestesses do not handle all of the politics. They do have elders, but when it comes to government . . . These are fourth-density beings.

All decisions are happening on a telepathic kind of level.

All of these people are entering The Construct that I've described to you, where Ka 'Aree and I have communicated. All of these people can go in, and they have in this environment somewhat of a hive mind or group consciousness.

And that's how things happen.

David: So is there a caste system?

Corey: From what I saw, there is a caste system in the sense that they do have a priest caste, but when I spent time out in the city, it was told to me that people rotate and do different things.

Like, sometimes they'll be working in the gardens to help grow food. Sometimes, they'll be working with children, or sometimes they'll be doing . . . you know . . . you know, they're doing many things. They're not pigeonholed.

David: So this is definitely not a caste system in the sense of an undesirable caste that never has any hope of reaching anything beyond what they were born into.

Corey: Right. No queens, drones, worker bees and soldier bees. Yeah, it's not like that.

David: All right. Now, we have another one which gets into the kind of stuff that we try to normally avoid, but we're just going to engage on this. We agreed off camera that we would talk about this because there has been some attacks that have come from Dr. Steven Greer, trying to undermine your credibility, my credibility . . .

Corey: . . . and Tompkins.

David: . . . and that of William Tompkins. And I just want to point out, before we ask this question, that I have all the greatest respect for Dr. Greer's work. I was at the Disclosure Project event in May 2001.

I met most of the 39 witnesses myself on the ground. And I've also encountered a variety of people who did not speak to Greer, who had never wanted to come forward, and they only trusted me. For whatever reason, that's just the situation I ended up in.

They told me a lot of things. You come along, and then later Tompkins came along, and I'm hearing the same stuff, which had never been put online.

When you and I first started talking, there were literally dozens and dozens and dozens of examples of this happening.

So it's kind of embarrassing because somebody like Greer might think that he's got all the information, whereas a lot of people have come forward who didn't talk to him. And with my own discernment, I saw, okay, this guy, Corey Goode, actually has the goods. Pun intended.

All right, with that as a disclaimer to start, let's ask the question:

“Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project and ET Contact Initiative states that ETs and EDs, meaning extradimensionals, must have a very high level of consciousness that would preclude them ever being negative or hostile, and that hostile ETs are nothing more than a propaganda trick. What are your thoughts?”

Corey: Well, those of us that have had experience know that there absolutely are negative ETs. The thought that all of us damn, dirty apes are the only evil beings in the universe is a little insulting.

Duality does not end where our atmosphere ends. A lot of what he said is that we may be setting up people – saying that there are negative ETs – setting them up for some sort of a false flag invasion.

Well, from what I've been told, using technology to project an invasion in our skies is really no longer viable.

What they've moved to is a plan to disclose the lower Secret Space Program – lot of the people he's talking to – and to introduce us to a human-looking non-terrestrial that they'll say has been here helping us for a long period of time.

And then that human-looking non-terrestrial will introduce to us a new sort of esoteric type of religion that they have.

And if we are under the impression that all ETs are positive when they arrive here, we're going to succumb to our programming, drop to our knees, worship them, and, without question, take on a new religion.

So I think that all of us have our own personal belief systems, UFO religions, if you will. And, you know, that's fine. But it's a double-headed coin when it comes to people saying that it's dangerous to say that there are negative ETs, while with what I just said about people thinking that there are only positive ETs, can set up humanity for an even larger type of slavery.

David: Well, I would also want to point out here that this is not simply a question of two public figures who claim to have insider testimony warring it out on an opinion basis and only having opinion as to whether one is judged to be right over the other.

I would say, as somebody who's been on 90 episodes of “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel, that we have a lot of academic research from so many ancient cultures where it's very clear that they were contacted by extraterrestrials.

And the overwhelming majority of those cultures report negative beings and positive beings warring in their skies, warring with each other on the ground, trying to control people on the ground.

So this is an academic discussion. There is no evidence in the academic literature from all these ancient civilizations that we have voluminous records of, of only one good group contacting.

There always seems to be a war between good ETs and bad ETs in all these ancient traditions.

Why do you think that is?

Corey: Because duality is throughout the cosmos. You know, you have these negative beings that are very destructive to consciousness. And then you have these positive beings that are trying to, I guess, put their thumb on the scales in a non-interventionist way, to help us expand our consciousness.

David: Sure. What about this idea that, “Well, if you're going to develop space travel and anti-gravity and portal travel, you have to be some kind of divine being?”

Corey: Well, I've met a lot of our Secret Space Program people that have these abilities, and there's nothing divine about them.

David: Right. All right, let's have another question. We still have some time here:

“Are there other civilizations in other star systems that face similar disclosure issues to our own human civilization, as in, their civilization is, or was, withholding information on technology, history and the existence of other beings out there besides their own native population?”

Corey: Absolutely. Ambassador Micca's people, they were in a very similar situation as we are. They had the Reptilians controlling their planet in much the same way that ours is.

So they overcame this control system and have gone through what we're going to go through – a post-Disclosure acclamation and then a consciousness renaissance.

So that is what we have in store for us, and, yes, other planets in our star system have gone through the same thing or are going through it right now.

David: Well, and would you also argue, based on how well The Law of One correlates, the prime directive seems to be pretty consistent, right?

So a given planet is going to be kept in its little petri dish so they can develop their own culture, their own customs, their own languages, up to a point. And only after that point are they welcomed into this greater galactic community?

Corey: Absolutely. Yes, we have to earn our place in the wider galactic community. Just having Disclosure is not going to do it.

You know, we have to . . . A lot of these beings legitimately are afraid of us, because we're a mess.

A lot of them want to come and aid us in the post-Disclosure process, to aid us in navigating into this big consciousness boom that they have had.

David: Sure. All right, let's have another one:

“Off-world sources, speaking through a channel . . . “, and one of these, of course, is The Law of One – we've discussed that - “have indicated that the SSPs have environmental rehabilitation technology to correct our current problems. Have you had any exposure to this? Would it be too deeply classified to obtain this through any Freedom of Information Act requests?”

Corey: Well, in order for you to put in a FOIA request, it has to be an acknowledged program. If it's unacknowledged, it doesn't exist. So, you're not going to find . . . I mean, if you put in a FOIA request, they're going to say, “No such program.”

David: Right.

Corey: Right. Yes, I was familiar with a lot of the technologies they have that – I can't remember how they work – ionizing certain radiations in our environment and making them inert.

They have ways of cleaning the ocean.

And, of course, we have the zero-point energy technologies that will stop the future pollution of the planet.

Yeah, if these technologies would be released, we could change our planet in a matter of just a few years.

David: So you're familiar with there being radiation-alleviating technologies?

Corey: Yes. Yeah, they can easily make radioactive material inert.

David: Well, that's a very positive message for us to end on.

We'll see you next time right here on “Cosmic Disclosure”. It's really great to hear that. I'm your host, David Wilcock, here with Corey Goode. And we thank you for watching here on Gaia.


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