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 Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions 8: Protocols and Loopholes

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Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions 8: Protocols and Loopholes

David Wilcock: Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode, and in this episode, once again, we are taking your questions that you've written in to us so that we can have a two-way dialogue here and engage in the stuff that matters to you the most.

So, Corey, welcome back to the program.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: All right. So the first question we have here is:

“What was the vetting process that Gaia led you through leading to you being considered a trustworthy and reliable whistleblower with an entire show built around your information?”

Corey: Well, I guess after I made it through your vetting process, I was introduced to the team up here, names that a lot of the people in this community would recognize. I didn't at the time. I didn't know who they were.

1 Corey Goode

My first encounter was I was brought into a room – I did not expect to be questioned at the time – and two or three people, I believe it was three people, came and sat around the desk, around the table, and just started pelting me with questions.

And I think I did about, all in all, about 20 hours worth of answering questions.

David: So what was the nature of the questions that you were asked?

Corey: Very in-depth, very intricate questions, that the same questions would then be snuck back in, but in a different way. It was a .. . They were being very thorough and trying to be tricky.

At first, the people sitting across the table, they were kind of like, this. [Corey shows an expression of doubt and skepticism on his face.]

And as we got through the process, the looks on their faces changed obviously because I was invited to begin doing episodes.

David: So Corey, you mentioned the vetting process that started with me, and I think that's an important point. What a lot of people don't realize if you watch this show is that I had people coming forward, like Henry Deacon, as an example, who barely ever said anything publicly.

Another one would be this guy Daniel, who allegedly worked on the so-called Montauk Project. Another one is the guy Jacob, who I've dedicated an entire chapter to in my new book.

The bottom line is that I was holding on to a very interesting, world-transforming story about a secret space program with literally thousands of individual pieces of information that I had never gone public with so that I would know if somebody was real when they came along.

And you remember that when you and I started talking, especially within the first, I'd say, two or three months, every time you and I spoke you were finishing my sentences.

Corey: Right.

David: You knew things that I already knew and had heard from other people. And I think what was really bizarre for me was that, despite how much I thought I knew, it was like having a flashlight that I could only look through the keyhole of a door with.

And then when I talked to you, it's like somebody opened up the door.

And you had said to me before how interesting it was that a lot of these people that I'd had briefings from before would kind of walk up to a line.

Corey: Yeah. That's one of the . . .

David: Could you describe a little more what that is?

Corey: Right. And that's one of the reasons I did come forward – originally I wanted to come forward anonymously – was that I was seeing a lot of these people, I heard what they were saying, I knew they were legitimate, but they were walking right up to the line without crossing it. They never crossed the line.

David: What were some of the things that would have been crossing the line?

Corey: Well, some of them that had been to Mars could have given a lot more detail. They could have told more about the Mars base that they went, about the slave labor, a lot of different . . . There are a lot of different details that they could have easily have shared.

David: Why do you think there would be people that would say some things but then withhold so much?

Corey: Well, they step over that line, there's ramifications. So they were sharing what they could, what they felt they could, and stay safe.

David: How do you feel that the case of William Tompkins has affected what you've talked about on this show? Have you had any personal discussion with him, and how much does he know about what you know?

Corey: Yes, we've been working together recently, and I've had a number of discussions with him. And it's very apparent that the information that I was looking at on the smart-glass pad was information that had come from his briefings when he was speaking with the German double agents.

And there were a lot of little details that we've been talking about back and forth to each other that I've seen a light in his eyes several times on a few subjects.

David: We also incidentally had Pete Peterson tell me recently that the conclusion of the United States government now is that you were in contact with real extraterrestrials when this thing started, that that contact that you have experienced is, in fact, genuine.

So that is significant, because here is a real insider who has said that the collective view on the inside now is that your information is authentic.

Corey: Yeah. Well, they're watching me close enough, they should know.

David: All right. Well, let's have another question. This is kind of interesting and dodgily worded, but we'll take it.

“Why is the Cabal allowing you to come forward with your story and intel?”

Corey: It's not that they're allowing me to. There is kind of a stalemate between the Alliance and the Cabal. The Alliance has their assets in play and so does the Cabal.

What seems to be occurring here is that I'm probably getting rolled up in this Navy disclosure that's occurring through Tompkins to begin with.

So he was given the green light to go forward with this information that is almost exactly the same as what I've been sharing. So there might be some sort of claws that has kept, I guess, the powers that hopefully will be were soon off my doorstep.

But they've definitely made themselves known. You know, the helicopter flyovers. Out in the backyard with my son I've got green laser dots on my chest. They make themselves known.

David: Do you think that people have been conditioned through various Hollywood movies to believe that the so-called “Big Brother” is this all-powerful, all-seeing eye, and that anybody real would never be able to say anything without being immediately whacked? Do you think that's a social conditioning they gave us?

Corey: It is. And, I mean, there are plenty of people in this field that even believe that it's impossible to destroy the Cabal.

David: What do you think about movies like “Iron Man 3” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, where you have military assistance in the movie, you got a $100-plus million budget, and the films are very clearly exposing the Cabal? Nobody could possibly deny that.

Corey: There's definitely been Alliance money and agendas poured in to Hollywood recently to expose different aspects of the Cabal. That is a good sign, since Hollywood has been completely controlled by what we're calling the Cabal since its inception.

David: I'm going to hit you with another one here.

Corey: All right.

David: Whoo! “Is there a way we could offer a type of forgiveness to the Cabal/Alliance in exchange for a Full Disclosure?”

Corey: Um. I think things like that have been floated around, but on the Alliance side, how many people can you get to agree to remove the ramifications of what the Cabal has done over the last 100 years minimum?

David: Right.

Corey: These people want retribution. You know, they're not angelic people. They want payback for all of the crimes against humanity that have occurred.

David: When you say “these people”, you mean Alliance?

Corey: The Alliance, yeah.

David: Yeah. I also think, and let me ask what you feel about this, that the people who are following this in our community have had a lot of time to learn about the truth. Whereas what you've described seems to be a rather sudden exposure of a lot of information that's very disparaging.

And how do you think . . . Or what is the modeling from the Alliance of what happens when all that disparaging information comes out at once?

Corey: You know, I have not seen any type of plan for a post-disclosure world. That's one of the things that I've been working with other people to come up – psychiatrists – to come up with a response plan.

If we get Full Disclosure, there's going to be a lot of people out there that, like you've said before, that won't be able to get out of bed or feed theirselves, that are going to need help.

David: Right.

Corey: I haven't seen a plan from anyone yet for a post-disclosure world.

David: “Are there protocols in place to counter information leaks and whistleblowers? How extensive is the use of disinformation, cover stories, etc., to try to maintain plausible deniability and secrecy?”

Corey: Well, yeah, they do use misdirects a lot to find out where leaks are coming from. You will compartmentalize your people, which is usually already done in the military or in programs.

Then you'll give them slightly different versions of information to find out which compartment you need to focus on before you focus on the individual.

David: Hm.

Corey: So, yes, a lot of misdirect is used, yeah. They will lie to you, and they have no problem with it to try to trick you into giving yourself up as a leaker.

The go-to method of countering the leaks is to attack the leaker, to use character assassination, or to dig up something from their past. So that's the number-one way they go after people that are more in the public sector.

If you're in the programs, and you're trying to leak something, unsanctioned leaks, then you could very easily disappear.

David: “If the Secret Space Program and other Cabal groups have anti-aging or healing technologies, then why do they not appear to be used by folks like George Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, and other high-level elderly members of the Cabal?”

Corey: Well, a lot of the people that we think are high levels . . . high-level members of the Cabal, really aren't. The highest-level people are people . . . we don't know their names. We don't know who they are. They've stayed off the map.

So they are taking advantage of some of these technologies, but they use these technologies within these Cabal groups to control the people below them. You know, they always act . . . It's like a carrot to dangle in front of them.

“If you do this, when you reach a certain point, we'll put you back to a certain age and then insert you back into society rich and let you do what you want to do."

David: I've heard this, and I want to get your comment on this, that some of these people at that level that was in the question might be offered something more akin to a soul transfer, where their awareness could somehow, through an advanced technology, be downloaded into what appears to be a completely separate being.

Corey: There are different facets of these Cabal groups. Some of them are AI prophets. They want to be uploaded into some sort of a database.

There is a technology that is a soul transfer technology that uses electromagnetic fields to push a person's soul from one body into another that is compatible, that's been genetically designed to be compatible with their energy like their old body was.

And then there's the groups that will . . . they'll reach a certain age, then their deaths will be faked. They didn't really die. They'll be taken, and then they'll be regressed back. And a few years later, you may see someone and be like, “Wow! That looks like Henry Kissinger when he was 28 years old.”

David: Hm.

Corey: But other than that, there's no way of knowing what happened to him.

David: Is there a cloning technology? Could they clone out somebody and make a younger version of them?

Corey: Definitely. That was the version you were talking about where they push you into another body with a soul transfer. You have to have a cloned, genetically engineered body that's going to match your frequency so . . .

David: Oh, it has to be a clone of your own body?

Corey: Yes, or they can . . . They do create other avatar bodies that are . . . but they have to be genetically programmed to match your frequency of your DNA, and all that.

David: Hmm. I have had other insiders tell me that the typical clone doesn't live much more than about two years.

Corey: Well, it has to be genetic . . . perfectly genetically engineered to you. To live in it long term, it has to be a designer body that will match your . . . the frequency.

David: “What forms . . .” this kind of lends right into what we were just talking about. “What forms of human enhancement technology already exist? Examples might be growing taller, growing more muscle, increase in your IQ, increase in your ability to remember.”

Corey: Once we'd started to receive this technology from non-terrestrials on genetic programming and manipulation of the human body, it's become child's play.

The human body is very easy to change and manipulate with certain technologies. They can trick the body in certain temporal fields to accelerate or reverse the age of the cells. So they can do all kinds of stuff.

David: I want to throw something at you, a wild card, that I just heard from another insider who has connections to the space program who has not come forward yet. And he just kind of randomly threw this out.

We were talking a couple of weeks ago that he was aware of a particular group of humans that were being grown to be of a very large size for certain work out in space, but the speed that they were being grown was too fast, that they're basically like worker drones.

And that as a result of how fast they're being grown that their faces are kind of hideously disfigured with keloid-type of scars.

And he said that had something to do with if you try to push this genetic material to grow too fast, then you get these ugly . . .

Corey: Hormonal things.

David: . . . anomalies that occur. Do you have any comment on that?

Corey: Yeah, yeah. There's some of the . . . kind of like super-soldier-type programs they had, where they were growing these humans, but playing around with their hormones in a way to make them gargantuan, to make their bones bigger.

But their foreheads would look real weird around their eye socket. Their jaws would look very caveman-ish or weird from the process.

David: Hmm.

Corey: Yeah, that's something I'd heard.

David: Interesting, yeah. Okay. So just to clarify this question then, they do have the ability to do something like boost somebody's IQ as well?

Corey: Yes, they can enhance your IQ. They can enhance your intuitive abilities through genetic manipulation, gene therapy.

David: Okay, interesting. I hope this question is answered in the affirmative, but we don't really know, I guess.

“Will the public be able to travel freely through our own Solar System and beyond in the next 70 years?”

Corey: I don't see this technology being readily available to everybody immediately. I think there's going to be a process. They're going to have to develop it on a large scale. People are going to have to be acclimated to using it.

I think it'll be a while before the average person is able to take a cruise to Jupiter.

David: Right. Do you think that there could be some sort of accepted protocol for portal travel rather than craft travel, where people could get jobs and portal to certain locations to and from Earth as a part of their job?

Corey: People like diplomats and stuff like that, not your average person – not in the beginning. It'll be a while.

David: Okay, next question. “If replicators work on the principle of converting energy to matter, does that mean there is also a reverse of this technology where you could dispose of waste by turning matter back into energy?”

Corey: Yes. Yes.

David: Ha, ha.

Corey: Yeah, yeah. They have . . . Yeah, they have the ability to reverse the process.

David: Okay. What's an example of you seeing this happen? Have you ever seen it been used?

Corey: I haven't watched it be used, but I knew that they had the technology and that it was used.

David: Does the energy get stored in some kind of battery, or where does it . . . . where does it go?

Corey: Well, they can also use that for site-to-site transport of different materials and stuff. So, I mean, yeah, that's not something I have a whole lot of details on.

David: Okay. “Is there any way for us to protect ourselves from scalar waves and other types of mind control technology?”

Corey: I don't know of a really good way, short of living in a SCIF room or a Faraday cage, to protect yourself from these things. Unfortunately, I don't.

David: All right. Let me throw something at you. I just had an insider the other day, who swears by this, talk to me about this. He always carries an empty bottle, like a plastic water bottle, in his backpack or something.

And he claims that if a scalar beam is used against you, that you'll hear it suddenly crack a little bit. Like it'll pop. There's something about the air pressure changes. Have you ever heard of that?

Corey: Yeah, that can happen in certain frequency. Yeah, that can happen, but . . .

David: And he said that if that happens, you just move to a different location, because this technology apparently requires you to be in one spot as it's working. And if you move even a little bit, it apparently reduces the effectiveness.

Corey: Yeah, that's true.

David: Okay. Well, Corey, let me ask you this, because I've had a lot of discussions with Pete as well on this, and he claims that he was a mind control specialist for a while, several years.

He said to me that certain people have what he calls alien DNA, and that with that DNA comes a much greater resilience to these types of technologies. Have you ever heard anything like that?

Corey: Not that it was alien DNA, but that different individuals have the ability to resist the technologies a lot more than others.

David: Now, another interesting thing that he said was that he developed something called a flicker frequency generator. And that the basic idea is that if you're . . . the speed that your brain is running is above a certain flicker frequency, a certain refresh rate, that these technologies become a lot less effective, and so it would stimulate people's frequency to go higher.

Corey: Yeah.

David: Have you heard anything about a higher frequency possibly being a good countermeasure?

Corey: Well, there's also . . . In the programs, yeah, you're going to have countermeasures. But the average citizen out there, like the person asking the question, they're not going to have countermeasures.

There's pharmaceuticals people can take that affect their body in a way that makes them less susceptible to these things.

But for the average citizen out there, you can't just put foil around your head and hope it's going to work. I mean, there's nothing really they can do.

David: Well, I just want to raise the possibility, from some of the discussions I've had with Pete, that if you have, according to his research, if you have a meditative peaceful focus, that that actually raises your flicker frequency and makes you less susceptible.

Corey: Right.

David: Do you think that's possible?

Corey: Yeah, more positive people, people that are definitely unplugged, are less susceptible.

David: Okay. So if people practice meditation, forgiveness, love, they're less likely to be affected by this kind of stuff.

Corey: Ah, it'd be mitigated.

David: Okay, fair enough.

“The Mohammad Accords state that the ETs are not allowed to interfere in the development of humankind. Have the Draco and the Blue Avians broken these accords by taking the steps they've taken?”

Corey: Well, first of all, the Mohammad Accords really don't have anything to do with Mohammad, other than they occurred around the time that he was here on Earth.

David: Right.

Corey: The Reptilians and the Blue Avians, I guess, they were saying that violated this treaty? They have not . . .

David: They're wondering if the noninterference clause has been violated by them appearing as they have.

Corey: Well, they haven't been appearing to the masses.

David: Right.

Corey: If they would appear to the masses or small groups of people, then, yeah, that would definitely be infringing.

David: How is the work that they are doing falling into the guidelines of this treaty then?

Corey: The positive beings stick to these laws very closely, but they know how to skirt them very well. And I'm sure they're working just barely within the boundaries of the Accords.

David: What would be an example of the Draco trying to get as close to the edge as they can without walking over it?

Corey: Well, the Draco, they've been known to appear in front of small groups that have kind of summoned them, but they're not going to appear in front of a large group of people or people with cameras or anything like that. That's against the Accords.

David: “Is there a program to interbreed humans with extraterrestrials and create hybrids? If so, why does this exist, and have you seen any of these children?”

Corey: There are, as I've stated before, 22 different programs that are both genetic and spiritual. Within these programs, there are multiple different subprograms where they are splicing DNA with other beings as a part of this greater experiment.

And some of these beings are . . . they use them.

2 Corey And David

Basically, a billion years ago there was an alien group that we're talking about. We're seeing these weird hybrids that ended up being us, that we were then transported to this planet.

There's a lot of that going on – a lot of genetic farming going on. To try to pin it . . . which program is going on with which group, is very difficult because there are multiple hybridization programs going on.

David: Another question that comes up from an insider that I've been talking to recently: "Do you think that because Earth is this genetic cornucopia where apparently many more types of genetics can survive on this planet due to its complex frequencies, do you think that there could be future programs in which many other types of life on Earth are accelerated to the point where they become human-like hominid life and are then seeded throughout the galaxy at various points?"

Corey: Yes, that's part of the 22 programs.

David: Oh, really?

Corey: Yes, definitely.

David: Do you think that may account for things like squid beings, dolphin beings, insect beings, this kind of stuff?

Corey: These different genetic programs, they work in concert with what is occurring in the region of their experiment, cosmic energy-wise. We're about to have these energy fluctuations coming in that are going to make massive changes. They're working in concert with that.

David: “Do you have any advice on how we could identify extraterrestrials and hybrids who have integrated amongst us already?”

Corey: It depends on what stage they're in of integration. A lot of times they will bring these beings down, even have a human handler to help them acclimate.

David: When you say they will bring these beings down, who are they?

Corey: The beings that designed them, that created the hybrids.

David: Okay.

Corey: They will bring them down, set them up in a situation to where they'll have an apartment, maybe a job. And they'll have a human, who is a contactee, help them, assist them, in acclimating to human life.

David: But obviously what you're describing now would have to be a being that's almost indistinguishable from any other human on Earth.

Corey: Right. Right.

David: Okay.

Corey: You're not going to see the hybrids walking around that are . . . that look different.

David: Some people might be very afraid of that information. So let's just talk about this a little more.

First of all, if such a being is put here, do they pose any unusual threat to us above and beyond a typical human being on Earth?

Corey: No. They're just learning how to socialize, how to fit in.

David: They don't have any unusual characteristics that would allow them to have a weapon capability or something that would make them very dangerous to human life?

Corey: Not that I know of.

David: Okay. How widespread to you think this type of immigration program is?

Corey: I mean, it goes on. I don't have any numbers. But it was something that was going on and that we knew about during the intruder, intercept and interrogation programs.

There would sometimes be groups that would come in and try to plant people like that without the proper clearance or that weren't working with the correct groups.

David: “If the various terrestrials and ETs are different density or vibrational beings, how are they able to meet and communicate with each other?”

Corey: This gets back to the people getting densities and dimensions mixed up. The way I've described it is, what would you describe a bacteria as, what density?

David: In Law of One terms, that's second density.

Corey: Second density. What about a worm?

David: Second density.

Corey: Second density. Can you touch a worm?

David: Absolutely.

Corey: Can a virus interact with you?

David: Yeah.

Corey: Yeah. So it's not like if something is fourth density, all of a sudden you're reaching through it like a ghost.

David: Right.

Corey: That's just not my experience.

David: So a higher-density being could leave behind a corpse that would rot?

Corey: Yeah.

David: Okay. “Have you personally met any extraterrestrials with feline-human characteristics?”

Corey: I did not meet one, but I saw one that had recently been killed. There was a capture or kill order out on this feline-type non-terrestrial. They were able to appear and disappear at will.

They had trapped this one somehow in some sort of a net, an electronic or electrical net that killed it.

When I saw it, it was . . . the way it was laying over it was crispy. It did not die in a pleasant way.

David: Wow! So getting to this question again about the densities, this is a being that did leave behind a body, but also could dematerialize.

Corey: Right. But using what technology, I don't know . . . if it was technology or if it was an ability that they had.

David: That leads to another obvious question implied by what they wrote here, which would be, if James Cameron's movie “Avatar”, as Pete Peterson has testified, has multiple examples of accurate hardware that's already being used in various space programs and the mining seems to be accurate, what about the people in “Avatar” with this feline characteristic?

Do you think there's any truth to that?

Corey: I think that they did base that off of reports of . . . There are a number of creatures that have feline looks, but there's one that people in this community tend to talk about a lot, and that happens to be one of the ones they have a capture or kill order out on.

David: Is the skin color accurate – the blue?

Corey: It was more of almost purple.

David: Uh! Really!

Corey: Yeah. Lavender, I guess.

David: Interesting. All right. Well, that's all the time we have for questions for this episode. This is David Wilcock and Corey Goode bringing you “Cosmic Disclosure”. And we thank you for watching.


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