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"Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." Oliver Goldsmith

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on: Sat Nov 09, 2019 - 00:00:24
Re: What happened?

So then, by your own admission, nothing was cast down in 457BC to begin the 2300 as foretold in the prophecy of Daniel 8.

How can the fulfilment of a prophecy begin when the specified details of Daniel 8:9-12 do not occur?

The prophecies of Dan 8 cover history from the Medo-Persian empire, through the Grecian, pagan, and papal Roman Empire. The events described near the end of the chapter are in relation to the Roman Empire in both pagan and papal form, and have dual applications concerning both. The year 457 BC is not specified until the details of chapter nine are investigated, which date is in reference to the cleansing of the sanctuary, not all the other events or details you are referring to. They take place during the course of this time period as well, but not specifically in 457 BC. The literal pagan Romans literally destroyed the earthly temple, while the spiritually papal Romans cast down the truth of the new covenant heavenly sanctuary and its High Priest Jesus Christ, by replacing Him with the Pope and false priesthood they set up in Jesus' place. Directing people to themselves for intercession, instead of our heavenly High Priest and Savior Jesus Christ. The Investigative Judgment truth of the SDA Church concerning the 2300 day prophecy, the heavenly sanctuary, and our High Priest of this new covenant era Jesus Christ, brought back up the truth of the sanctuary which pagan and papal Rome had cast to the ground. Literal Rome destroyed the earthly temple, and spiritual Rome cast down Jesus Christ and His High Priestly ministry in the heavenly sanctuary to this earth by replacing that very ministry with their own false priesthood.

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