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Re: Drug Lobbys seem to be working with the FDA

Your argument doesn't sound like it comes from Donald.  He is a capitalist.  Your argument is from Bernie Sanders.

Look, if you can afford top dollar for your meds. Wonderful.  I cannot.

There is a new eye drop my mom's ophthalmologist ::reading:: wants her to try to control pressure in the eyes.

Her Humana Medicare Part D that she pays $68 a month for , because of complicated drugs she is on, and they charge $425 a year deductible... DO NOT COVER THIS ONE.

So the drug store told us she would have to pay out of pocket.  $748.00.

It cannot be ordered in Canada because it requires refrigeration until it is used.

Her Ophthalmologist is trying to see if Humana will cover to get the cost down some on this as of their suggested 3  alternative drops she has used 2 of and the eye pressure is just not staying as low as desired.
It caused her to have lasering done on one eye last Oct, and  if we cannot keep it down to 18 or under, and not the 30 that it was for the lasering then only alternative is  lasering...( there is a limit)...or losing eyesight.

So wanting to be able to get this med at a cheaper rate makes me like Bernie?

That is just idiotic.

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