"Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you do hold well." Josh Billings

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Sun Feb 03, 2019 - 20:55:19 by tonyhomer | Views: 2751 | Comments: 0

Great working with Bob, Its a pleasure having him help us with out forums.
Bob Perry
Tue Mar 06, 2018 - 14:28:27 by Bob Perry
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Reaching 60 years old and being diagnosed with cancer forces one to think... I've decided to take a stab at writing my memoirs... the forward is here and the book will be set up so that those interested will be able to download the latest additions as it will be an ongoing development process... the only restriction is that access will only be for paying customers.

This is the link to get you to the book, **BUT** if you AREN'T A PAYING CUSTOMER you'll either get an error message or it will take you to the home page.

========      Foreword      ========
   Where to begin... This will be a series of short stories to describe with as much detail as possible, the memory of events in my life journey. Memories of a boy that came to this world looking at every waking moment with eyes of earnest eagerness to experience a life filled with the love of adventure, challenge, and exploration that I feel is a hereditary instinct ingrained in the DNA of my Father's bloodline. These stories will reveal a sinner's interpretations and eventual revelations of the divine plan of personal salvation put in place on my behalf by the Creator of the Universe. It took 60 years in this lifetime, but has resulted in my ability to, --FINALLY-- be able to HUMBLY, JOYFULLY, and PERMANENTLY acknowledge the day I formally asked Christ to accept me as a member of His kingdom in 1976.  The short version of that story is that there was a palpable, physical, continuously increasing wave of emotional peace & relief sweeping through the whole group of people who were present to witness my response to His spirit filling my body and mind with the warmth and acceptance of a love earned and purchased with His own blood two thousand years ago. Described in simple terms, the scene was uncontrollable weeping, hugs, and a joyous flood of tears. Obviously there will be many people who are mentioned in this book and know me extremely well that will be uncomfortable with the words written here. When I made the decision to do this it was not intended to pass judgment on anyone and was fully intended to be a way for me to describe the internal civil war each and every soul on the planet goes through in the attempt to determine their own purpose for being here. I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide my words in such a way that even those close to me personally will see these stories as the truth of just how firm the powers of darkness and evil have gripped all of us at various steps in our journey seeking truth and light. This book is not a last ditch attempt for self exaltation, or to draw attention to myself. But the truth is many of the real life experiences I've gained in 61 years just might help large sections of the population identify with and see that no matter how hard things get, THERE IS A WAY BACK to a happy life through Christ Jesus. [1]

Bob Perry
Thu Nov 02, 2017 - 04:21:25 by Bob Perry
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Web Presence Consulting (#WPC)

Was recently forced to switch up domain hosting company yet again (lol, getting to be an old hand at this!!)... But not to worry, I'm very happy to say that the system is right back to it's usually correct functioning of almost every feature available, very few errors left to debug... however, that previous host company ( are crazy people because they are still holding my previous domain name hostage until I pay their stupid outstanding invoice, SO any way I refuse to pay them anything for service that should have been switched LAST Month and would not have been an issue!! So yall will need to re-bookmark our new site address URL, just click the link to this thread in the email...
Bob Perry
Thu Apr 20, 2017 - 16:02:37 by Bob Perry
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Web Presence Consulting (#WPC)

I retired back about 5 years ago and I love the fact that I cannot be fired anymore, but this is what I find disturbing about it somewhat so far...

It's a struggle to survive financially let alone prosper in today's economy, even though I make a little supplemental revenue to aid my retirement check once a month, I find that paying the rent, keeping the power on, this primo internet connection turned on, car insurance paid, the dog fed, and other monthly creditors paid is more than I make and still rely on food pantries to keep food for two people in the house, so any contributions here are surely treasured and as I said previously elsewhere in a post or two, the majority of what I make here at the site goes right into making sure we stay online without interruption, been doing quite well at it considering my original domain name has remained active and such since 2006... do a Google search for "knoxville webmaster services forum" OR for leisure surfing accomplishment "knoxville gaming forum" and see that at least the search engines know we are here in our little corner of the web... you can also verify the age of my domain by doing a "whois" lookup on my domain name, but I will say that I have restarted the site a couple times since then with a clean database, so that's why the intrinsic statistical page available for all to view here does not go back that far...

There's one thing about it though, looking back I am content that life has been great and I will continue to be the chipper optimistic me because the good guys ALWAYS win in the long game. I can say that with ease in the sense that I know that I am not alone in the financial struggle and there are signs that things will get better sooner than most folks think. One of my original goals when I started working with SMF software was to purchase a used IBM iSeries minicomputer with original licensed software from IBM installed or on disk for the purpose of developing a bridge for installing SMF on IBM servers using DB2 databases and Sequel SQL instead of MySQL. You can help bring that goal current by contributing!!


Making a PayPal contribution is a breeze here, EVEN GUESTS can just click on the little coffee cup icon (heck of a lot cheaper than starbucks too lol) anywhere my profile info is displayed and it will let you make a PayPal© payment to my account... and also consider becoming a charter member.

Get enough coming in to cover it and I may buy YOU a cup of coffee!!         :-*

Bob Perry
Sat Mar 04, 2017 - 20:03:51 by Bob Perry
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Web Presence Consulting (#WPC)


Some of my first experiences on the internet and starting to learn about social networking involved surfing the live chatrooms of the networking pioneer Yahoo, it was an eye opening experiment in human behavior for sure...

Well we support that type of thing here at WPC as well, just click on the link over toward the left side in the toolbar at the bottom of the page... after you've registered an account here you can create your own rooms in there...

Bob Perry
Sat Feb 18, 2017 - 03:01:50 by Bob Perry
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Premiering Mar 8 will be season 34 of my favorite TV series ever. The pioneers of reality tv keep it real with another season of returning players, specifically those that want to and already proved themselves to be "Game Changers", should be great fun to watch.

I would love to respond to other fans thoughts and observations as the season progresses, if you can afford the fee CBS charges (I do it in case I miss an episode) you can catch up here: (there's 500+ previous episodes as well)...


Wed Feb 15, 2017 - 16:46:05 by alang | Views: 1996 | Comments: 1

I have owned several forums over the years. Of all the Webmaster and IT service providers Ive experienced I have received the best satisfaction from WPC. If you want the best no need to look any further, WPC comes highly recommended.
Bob Perry
Sun Jan 01, 2017 - 07:35:29 by Bob Perry
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There are several areas of the system here at WPC that incorporate what is known as "credits", several of the modules installed here use them heavily. And for the most part its much like what you may find on other systems like this and some sites that are not SMF powered... from memory I will list the areas here at WPC that rely on credits... The Shop module, Batlle RPG game, and the Downloads/Resources module...

  • The shop module is the main controlling module for the credit system, it has a Bank where you can draw/deposit credits & earn interest on the deposited amount, you can purchase various items in the Shop internal store, it also awards preset amounts of "free" credits & bonuses for posting in the message boards.
  • The Downloads module is the one that allowed me to monetize the credit system with real PayPal@ money and the current conversion rate is 1 credit = $0.00005 cents and that module charges you a preset amount for downloading items in which the charge is awarded to the user who uploaded the particular digital item.
  • In the Battle role playing game you use credits to purchase items such as health and attack/defense points which determine whether you live or die during the game and it also awards you a preset number of free credits just for playing the game.
  • Occasionally I will award a certain amount of credits to members who contribute useful information/items to the community.
  • Sometimes I will award credits to winners of various promotional programs or competitions we conduct here.

So as you can see, the credit system is sort of like having money but doesn't necessarily cost you real money (purchasing them with PayPal is entirely optional), it depends on your spending habits and participation in the community, explore it and give me some feedback, and since the minimum age required to be a member is 13 it gives youngsters some practice in how a true monetary environment works without necessarily twisting their arms to use real money to make purchases or earning their own way for that matter.

Bob Perry
Thu Nov 24, 2016 - 22:20:22 by Bob Perry
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I have an excellent internet connection and still get a code 500 error screen trying to access the system occasionally so I know many of you are getting some too... it's really just a temporary performance glitch and if you wait a few seconds and click the browser's refresh button it should clear up... will keep trying to improve performance but you must realize that I have an unusually large number of various modules installed but you ought to know that they don't seem to create many error log entries, this is the most stable version of the core SMF platform I've worked with, I'm tickled...

Bob Perry
Thu Nov 17, 2016 - 02:03:27 by Bob Perry
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I have developed several custom additions to the default SMF Statistics screen over the years and if you peruse through the ones here at my site and one peaks your interest as something to add to your own site... by all means hit me up by responding here or PMing me directly...

Bob Perry
Sat Oct 29, 2016 - 11:00:41 by Bob Perry
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If you need the ability to make payment instantly to another user here at WPC, we have a feature that allows other members to send/receive PayPal payments... it is not turned on by default in your account however, it is located in your Forum Profile settings, you must set it up first for it to function properly... NOTING that your PayPal account is safe, we do NOT need to store your password anywhere on our site, we only need the account name and you must choose one of the icons from the dropdown box right above where you store your account name for PayPal... also note that this module was originally designed to be a rather humorous action to buy others a cup of coffee or a beer... but it serves beautifully for making payment transactions such as what might occur in one of the Buy-Sell-Trade forums you'll find here, it defaults to a suggested token payment but once you are taken over to the PayPal site you can change it to any amount...

Enjoy, but don't let me catch you guys using it to gamble amongst yourselves, that is grounds for a swift banishment, seriously...
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